Friday, January 6, 2012

Two days of catching up.

I have to say I am sorry I didn't make it on yesterday after the kids got home and Dennis and I got home from the store we cleaned up a bit around the house. We got into it so much I had forgotten all about Deanna's basketball practice. It was her first practice of the season, so I sure hope the coach calls and lets me know when her game is on Sunday. Sometimes that happens we get doing someting else and forget about other things. I tend to take advantage when I have the strength to do house work because usually I end up sick shortly after.

While we are on the subject of being sick, guess who woke up with a raging headache, a cough, sore ribs, and throat. You guessed it me. I did get the dishes done, clothes folded, laundry washed, the couches tidied, two picture blogs up, and dinner to the kids though today. I also watched after Lilly although Dennis helped a bit this morning.

Tonight Dennis traded hours with someone else so he is not here, but have no fear, Dorothy and Deanna are here to cuddle with mommy and keep her safe. It is like a little slumber party. He has been on days for so long because of his knee they aren't use to him working overnights anymore. It is also nice have Princess around to let us know if anyone is snooping around, which doesn't happen too often but I guess last week there was gas stolen from someone, and then the next night a mini van was stolen, so even in a little town like ours there are those who would take advantage of a situation.

I will have to be cutting this one short as I have a few more blogs to get too, and some other online things as well. I feel behind but I told myself this year I will take one step at a time, although having teenagers in the house it sure is hard to do sometimes. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

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