Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shopping day.

Today started with putting clothes away, then folding more downstairs, sending some up, all while Dennis was resting and watchin a movie. When we finally got ready to go shopping, we decided to take Dorothy with us. Each time we go out we either do a date night with just ourselves, or we pick one or all of the kids to go along with us for a some time with Mommy and Daddy. Today happened to be a day we took Dorothy. We started out to shop stopping first to get my coupons, then gas, before we headed to Sam's club where we did most of our shopping.

Our next stop was Walmart, then out to eat for lunch. After eating our late lunch in which Dorothy was well behaved the whole time. Not unlike her but always nice to see our parenting is still on track. We then made our way to Panera bread where I picked up some goodies for everyone. Sure do love it there. Dorothy went in with me while Dennis stayed in the van, and she loved it in there too. We made our order, paid, and then back to the van we went, and onto the next store to pick up shrimp for a dinner Dennis has been wanting to make everyone.

We headed home where we found Lilly, Samantha, and surprise, Lilly's bio dad. I guess he had stopped by and even apologised for not being at court. He plans to be there the next time, and had a good visit with Lilly and Samantha. He even helped bring the groceries in, which was really nice since by the time we are done shopping, Dennis' knee has had about enough. Yes he is still having pain in it, but not as bad as before, or at least that is what he is telling me.

After we got the kids settled, and gave Deanna the brand new coat we bought her, at a great deal, they ate their pizza, played a bit, then got ready for bed. They are both sleeping, so it is my turn for a little internet time. I am still working on the schedule, but it is coming along. I was glad to find out that we don't have a basketball game tomorrow and the coaches should be calling tomorrow to let us know when our first official practice is. So tomorrow we can clean a bit more, relax, and maybe Grandma is feeling up to making a visit.

I know the kids have been wanting to see her since we didn't take them to the hospital with us when she was in for her operation. We have a big family and she was in a shared room there was hardly enough room for us, I couldn't imagine haveing 6 or more of us in there with her. We would have looked like sardines. Sure hope she is up to it. Time for me to go, hope you all have a restful night of sleep.

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