Saturday, January 21, 2012

Internet flucuations

With the Internet going in and out the last few nights I am just getting to this blog now. It seems to work find during the day and then at night go in and out. I hope to either get this up before it starts to act up or it has run its course and it will be fine for a while again. I am still not feeling well, but it could always be worse. I am upright, and I can talk. Even though I get tired a bit more then usual I am still moving, and breathing. What more can you ask for?

My meeting with Samantha's Senior advisor went well and everything is a go for her Senior Trip. We did our shopping and pretty much stayed within budget. I went 10.00 over but will have to cut that out of next weeks spending some how. My van takes a bit more gas then my husband's did to run back and forth to work, which doesn't make sense. It is newer so you would think it would be better on gas. My van also takes 26 gallons to fill from empty so when you fill it you are spending over 100.00. We have only been putting in 50.00 a week and we have just been scrapping by.

Dennise had a friend over who went home today not feeling well. We also got some snow, not sure if it is still snowing or not but it is nice to see the white stuff finally covering the ground. We also had our Glad party for House Party, have to get that blog up tomorrow or Monday sometime. Deanna and Dennis had fun with one of her Christmas gifts today, which was nice. I did get a blog up about that which you can see on my Gather site.

I came up early to take a nice hot bath but one of the girls took a shower upstairs which they are not allowed to do. They have the downstairs bathroom, so now the tub is clogged. I do not know how someone who takes showers almost everyday can clog the tub each time they use it. So since the water is still in the tub and will probably take more then one day to go down, I got online to get this up quick.

We also had the toilet overflow and come through the kitchen ceiling. Figures they just put up all new stuff and it overflows. It has been so long since it has done it. One of the older girls keeps using the toilet and clogging it too. What a pain in the neck it is. We did however have a great dinner and a yummy dessert. That is pretty much it, so I am going to leave you with that and spend some time with my sweetie. Have a good night everyone.

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