Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Prayers for Lilly

A few weeks ago my grand daughter Lilly went to the Dr.'s or should I say she went again. She actually had gone a few months before and they thought she might have a sinus infection, then they thought allergies. Nothing was working and finally they sent her to a specialist because she had something stuck up inside her nose. It was a ball of some sort of fiber the size of a large jelly bean. Long story short the horrible smell that had been coming from her mouth disappeared right away when they removed it.

Lilly's tonsils were pretty swollen then but they all had agreed it was probably from her nose being clogged for so long so they said they would just watch it. They put her on antibiotics for it last week, but with today's appointment they agreed that the swelling was not going down. So they are going to take both her tonsils and adenoids

My daughter Samantha will be taking Lilly to the specialist to see when everything will be happening. She was told if Lilly goes one whole day without eating and drinking they are to go straight to the hospital. She is having a hard time breathing and her snoring is through the roof.

We went out to do shopping today and she did eat a little for Papa so that made Samantha and me feel much better. Just keep her in your prayers and I will update as soon as I get more information. Thank you in advance.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Marksville Run Down

Holy Cow it has been a long time since I have updated. All I can say is we have been really busy. Let's see if I can give you a run down.

As of January 1st my healthcare insurance no longer is approving the medicine that works for my Fibromyalgia so I have been in a constant state of pain. The Dr. tried me on a new medication that made things so bad I was literally just getting up to go to the bathroom. We stopped that medication and my Dr. is contacting the insurance company and trying to get them to pay for the medication I was on before, so right now we are just waiting to hear what they decide to do.

If you remember my post Financial Melt Down in Marksville  you should know we went through a bit of a money shortage which started back up in January. The Dr. had sent the wrong papers into Unemployment so they said my Husband committed fraud from October to December and we would have to pay all of the money back so they were with holding his checks until the amount he had gotten wrongfully was paid back. It took a while but the Dr. re-sent in the right papers and they were able to reverse everything and deposit yet again a big amount into our account which was gobbled up quite quickly. 

Mind you our landlord had been getting crumbs for rent so he had sent me a 3 days eviction notice, which happened to come on the same exact day as the money. God has great timing is all I can say. With that being said my husband finally got his reimbursement for gas mileage back and forth to the Dr.'s  which we had been waiting 7 months for, and I finally filled out for our income tax and even though it is small our tax refunds have started coming in. I can't say enough good things about owning your own business other then tax deductions rock.

During this time Dennis started College and right now is looking at being on the Dean's or President's List. The Dr. is still leaving him at 50% disabled as he just has no strength in his left leg. His quads are doing well but the lower leg is pretty much just dead weight at this time. My husband keeps telling people that between his knee and his foot feels like nothing is there, but we hope with the new exercises the Dr. wants him to start we will see an improvement. 

Our daughter Samantha gave birth to our second grand daughter AlainaMarie Faith Ortiz but we all call her Lainy. Lilly loves her baby sister and does very well with her. Samantha and David are doing well with both girls. They are good parents. I love my children and I love having grand children.

Dennise got a part in Les Miserables for a production company so we are all really excited about that. Dennise is also in All county, NYSSMA, and got another part in the High School Play or Musical forgot which they were doing this year. With this being her Junior year it is quite full, I can only imagine what next year will hold for us. 

Deanna had a bit of a rough start to the year. She started the school year off with a substitute while her teacher was on maternity leave, then she came back and was only there a few weeks if that and then she changed positions within the school, leaving her class to a new teacher all together. Deanna and her did not see eye to eye and at one point Deanna was written up and we got a letter home. I did respond and with my guidance so far everything is going well. Deanna now is back to enjoying school for the most part and has found a liking for her new teacher. They just needed a way to bond. Now that we are through that Deanna is back to going to her band lessons, not sure if I mentioned it but she wasn't in the winter concert because she needed more practice.

Deanna and Dorothy are in their last month of playing basketball and are looking forward to Soccer already which doesn't start back up for us until Fall. A long way off for them. Deanna is starting wrestling today. They don't go against other teams until they are in 7th grade. Right now it is just a learning experience.  Dennise was in wrestling for a short time before me moved to this school district and she didn't show an interest in it anymore, and we hadn't heard anything about it either. My husband is really excited to see her in action though, so time will tell if she stays with this or not. 

Dorothy is doing well and any day now we should have her Girl Scout Cookies and will be able to deliver them to everyone who ordered. She really can't wait for summer to get here. All she asks is when the school will give her lessons to swim. Where we live we have a kiddie pool in the park and a big area for people who can swim to enjoy. There is no in between for learning swimmers. She really wants to swim in the big side this year but can't because she doesn't know how to swim. Wonder if there are lessons anywhere around us? Will have to check into that. 

I guess that is pretty much it for a fast run down of everything anyways. Hope you all have been doing well and I would love to hear from everyone. Here is to the coming of Spring and lots of fun for everyone.