Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick post.

I will try to make this quick. We started out this morning nice and early so we could get home in time for the landlord's men to finnish the sink. We got a few things at the store, took the old van off the road, and put gas in mine. We headed home to heat up the pizza I got for free from winning a online give a way. Samantha had stayed home to take care of Lilly since she hadn't been feeling well, and the men hadn't come yet. Of course once we got settled and I did all of the dishes, I waited, and they never showed up. So my table was full of the things that need to be under the sink, which had to be put away before we could serve dinner, just like we did last night.

So right now the water can pretty much just run right under the sink and in the cabinet below if I am not careful. The worse thing is I got a disturbing call from my landlord this evening which I missed because one of the kids were on the phone so I called back and left a message on his. I sure hope what he said isn't true, but if it is I will need some major prayers. He takes years to fix things and now that things were finally getting fixed he tells me this bad news, I sure hope something works out. I will get into it more at another time though as even though I felt ok earlier in the day my chest is again hurting, and my headache is back. Dennis left for work a while ago and has wrapped his knee again because it was bothering him. I am glad he has the next two days off to let it rest a bit.

Tomorrow I just have to run out and get my coupons and some potatos, then home to get some things done arond here. Sunday is Deanna's first basketball game that I hope Dennis is up to going to, and that is all we really have planned for now. Just a quite weekend at home with the kids. Ok I am off to do one more update if I even do that tonight and then I am going to bed so I can get some rest hoping I will be feelling better by morning. Goodnight everyone.

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