Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kind of good, a little bad.

Besides feeling lik crap today, it wasn't too bad. The landlord's men finally came to put the ceiling in they never finnished after repairing the roof, they put in most of the porch windows, having one more they have to make by hand,and believe it or not started the sink, which looks nice but what a hack job they did and they still have to come back and finnish it tomorrow.
We are suppose to take the van off the road so they are coming in the afternoon. I am not sure if I am up to even venturing out much less be up tomorrow long enough for them to get their job done. I am writing now because I feel what ever is coming on getting worse and sure hope I don't end up needing to see a Dr. or needing meds. We really don't have the money for that. I just need to make it through tomorrow and then Saturday Dennis can always pick up my papers for the coupons, and then Sunday is Deanna's first Basketball game.
Paul came by to visit today which was really nice. We have been missing having him around. He visited for a while with Samantha and the family. At the time Samantha's friend Katie and her boyfriend were over. Samantha ended up making baked Mac & Cheese for dinner with hamburgers, as I was not feeling up to eating at all. I actually felt really sick to my stomach this morning, with a horrible headache. Almost feels like a migraine but not. I have a cough and my throat hurts too, I was thinking post nasal drip, but as the day has progressed it has gotten worse.
I did perk up a bit when I was able to cash out at crowdtap for 35.00 in Amazon gift codes. Most of my friends over at Gather know I am trying to make a 1000.00 online this year. So far so good although crowdtap does owe me 14.72 from another cash out I had back on the 8th which is suppose to come in my email. Hope it comes soon will add it right to my other money so I can let iit grow into a nice nest egg for Christmas. I was able to do almost all of my shopping with my online money this year. Not that we had much more then that to spend. Dennis had taken his overtime and bought the girls their presents, I did most of mine online for the little ones, then of course Black Friday shopping which I could have used a bunch more to get all I wanted too, then we picked up stocking stuffers to go with things I had already gotten over the year. This year I plan to do alot more with my online accounts, and less with what my husband makes although we will be setting a bit aside each month for that purpose for things that we can get at a brick and morter store for a good bargain.
Well the kids are all in bed and I am ready to get my other blogs done so I can get some rest hoping I will be able to make it through tomorrow. Have a good night everyone and see you on the flip side.

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