Friday, August 30, 2013

School Shopping is done

We went and officially finished school shopping the other day. Just a few years ago we only had about 50.00 to spend on each of our 6 children, and I have to give God all of the glory of being able to afford for the last few years clothing and supplies for my children. Yes I still look for the deals, but we were able to splurge on a few items for the kids, which made them really super excited about returning to school this year.

My couponing, rebating, and online work are really starting to pay off, and to think I am still small fries to other sites out there, but everyday we see growth and that is all that matters. I will ride this out as long as the good Lord sees fit. He has blessed us so much this year.

We also had time to stop in see Bryan dropping off bedding, posters, and socks that he needed. He is now in a private home with other boys. He can stay there until he is 18-21 or until he can get an apartment of his own, or decide to still come home. He will now be going to a public school and is quite excited to see how that goes.

Right now Bryan has a cast on his leg do to an injury he had shortly after moving to the private school, and for some reason the bone fused the wrong way which makes him walk with is foot sideways,so they are trying a cast first to re-position the foot before they decide to operate by re-breaking the bone and resetting it. They might even have to put in some hardware so that his foot will pivot the right way. They tried to say his foot was that way always but he had no problem walking and then after the fall on the basketball court at his school he never walked right again. So unless that injury caused the problem to surface they are full of it. Either way he is walking around on it so God willing it will heal without surgery.

It was nice to be outside for a change. the kids playing basketball, chase, and just had a all around good time. Leaving is always hard for me, but I know he is only a phone call away, and the next visit is only around the corner.

I try to make sure I always take my camera up when we visit so I can capture a picture, since I can't just take pictures anytime I would like. We took this picture as the sun was coming out and minutes later we were all sweating pretty bad from the heat. Thanks to the sweet lady who took our picture for us. Missing are Buke, Taylor, Samantha, and David.

Oh that is right Samantha and David worked things out and she is staying at the house with his family. That got us jump started on finishing Bryan's old room to make into a guest room for that just in case, and also for when Lilly spends the night.

I am proud to say that so far his room has gone from a hoarders dream to being totally cleaned out.It was OK when Lilly used it as a room while living here, but it was never totally emptied out until now. The kids were just throwing everything they didn't want into there they didn't know what to do with including, dirty clothes, papers, toys, and boxes. We did find a few things we had been looking for like scissors, towels, and some of my shirts, which were borrowed by my older two girls but never were returned.

Tonight I will be sweeping and mopping the room, and then Dennis is going to try and paint as long as his leg can take it. The room is one of the smallest and he can always sit down in between if he gets tired. We just want it done and usable. We have worked on so many things around the house this summer but it always seems like when you fix something you find something else that needs working on.

As for our landlord fixing things he stopped with his men leaving a big mess in our yard and our basement. Dennis and he had words and he knows now that he will not be paid rent until he gets everything done that he said he would. Some things go back 6 years while some things like the raining in our closet is new. It is time he spends more then a few days fixing our home up, then leaving before they are done, fixing things right, while making us happy renters.

MarksvilleandMe hopes everyone else who has children or who has to go to school is ready and that you too have something to look forward too.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh what a day.

First thing this morning I took Dennise for her check up, which went well, although he did send us for blood work up just in case, then we stopped and did a quick run through of walmart, I found two new shirts for myself, an outfit for Dorothy, some jewlery and shirt for Dennise, then stopped to get gas.

We stopped to get a burger and when we were about to leave I got a call from Samantha, she was crying, I asked her where she was, she told me, and I told her we were nearby so she met us in the Burger King parking lot. Remember me saying she had her own apartment, then moved out to live with her boyfriend's family? Well she is home again. thousands of dollars shorter on money because she helped his parent pay for security, first, and last months rent to be able to get in there.

I feel really bad for her as she has to start all over again, but thankful we have the room for her to return home again. On top of that a broken heart. Please pray for her as well, because the other day she had a bit of bleeding and discharge, they did check on the baby and the heart beat was fine and she sees the Dr. again this week to check on the baby again.

She didn't have stress when she was pregnant for Lilly and so far between moving, working, and relationship problems she has had nothing but, don't get me wrong he is a nice guy but I think going from his mother doing everything for him to being in a relationship with a girl with a small child already and then jumping into having one of their own was just too much for him, then after moving back in with his mother he went back to her doing things for him again. Samantha is just a bit more mature and wants to do it herself, if she wanted a mother's help she would have stayed home living here.

I just hope she stays home long enough this time to get fully back on her feet. She had planned to take 6 months off when she had the baby in February, and then return to work, while going for her RN, but now she isn't sure if she will be able to take that much time off or not. Time will tell how things go, but all I want for my children is for them to be Happy, and happy she isn't.

We took Lilly when we left Burger King, so she could go to work. I have been sending her messages all night to help her through. Since Lilly has been born she has had a schedule and ever since Samantha had someone closer to where she was living watching Lilly she went from going to sleep on her own, potty training, and eating on her own which she has been doing since before she was a year old, to having someone have to feed her, not going potty, and staying up to all hours of the night.

Since I still had to do my job today we stopped home to get my paperwork, then Dennise and Lilly went with me. I was able to get both jobs done pretty quickly then we stopped at Kmart and picked up a dress for Dorothy for school, and a pair of hot pink shoes for Deanna.

At home we had steak, squash, salad, and baked potato for dinner. A call came in for me and thankfully I took it because they pulled my name from the same place I got my other two jobs and I have yet another job to do which I can do anytime it fits into my schedule, which is sweet if I can keep my jobs coming this way. Dennis also told me I got a call earlier about another job, which I will call back tomorrow, as by the time we got home, had dinner, and settled it was too late to call back. So my fingers are crossed I can pick up this job as well.

As I said before God is good, and even though things don't always go the way we think they should, he always knows what is best. Thankful for my family and the love of Christ in my life.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Update on Dennis

Dennis had a Dr.'s appointment a few weeks back to find out the results of the MRI he had. We found out that his knee has lots of arthritis in it, along with the news that he will need a total knee replacement down the road. As for how his leg is doing from the surgery after his accident at work, more bad news.

The Dr. wants to see him back in 8 weeks, he ordered him a e-stem machine for use at home, and pretty much said that he could continue with physical therapy if he would like but he doesn't see the need for it anymore. He did however want Dennis to get in a pool and see if he can strengthen his leg by doing workouts in the water.

The MRI showed that his leg healed real nice in one area, while another area pretty much shows no progress. Dennis still has no control over the lower part of his leg and can only feel things with his feet while walking and upper leg while the shin and calf area feel to him like they are not there. The Dr. doesn't have an answer for it but looked very concerned that is why we are going back in 8 weeks.

Not sure what the Dr.'s will do next, but personally I am thinking nerve damage, either in his back from when he fell or in his lower leg somewhere. He does walk with a cane but is in a lot of pain while doing so. We have a handicap placard now so we can park near the storee, but he uses one of those electric carts where available to make shopping easier.

He has been a bit upset about the results and missed a few physical therapy appointments. Besides the Dr. didn't look to happy when Dennis told him the things the therapist was doing with him. Some of the things that could be the problem with his progress could either be it just isn't healing or that he is overworking it. Let's just say after therapy he comes home and is in pain and takes a nap, but he always does what the therapist says including the exercises at home. So I guess as far as his leg goes I will update as soon as we know more.

Most of you know while Dennis has been on Workman's comp, his company laid off some of the people, Dennis included, his company is paying for them to return to college, which is a sweet deal if you ask me, and will help out a lot since this might be it for his leg getting any better. He had a meeting this week, and is still moving ahead with getting things going.

Even though we have been discouraged a bit by the news, we know that God has a plan and will follow where he takes us. We don't always go quietly but he is persistent and waits for us. He is so awesome. With that being said please keep our family in your prayers.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A few more weeks

Wow a few weeks and then school will be starting here in Marksville, where does the time go? When you live in Marksville things are always busy. Big families take up a lot of time, not in a bad way, but in a great way.

I left off with the visit with my sisters Penny and Bonnie. I had missed out on meeting up with my cousin Mary and her husband Maurice from Canada, but luckily they are making another trip down here next week so we get to spend time together then.

Next week we will take a trip up to see Bryan in his new group home. He moved from the Private School to a group home, or will be hopefully by this Friday. While we are out I want to stop in and see my sister Bonnie, dropping her off things she doesn't have, but needs. Even though she lives in a assisted living home, they don't provide things like band aids, and I noticed that her heals are cracked really bad so I want to drop off some great cream and foot socks to help repair her feet.

Talking of moving. Samantha and David moved in with David's parents into one of my Dream Homes. Yes a home I have been eyeing for years, but from things Samantha has told me I wouldn't like much more then the space, Kitchen, and fireplaces, she said I would be really disappointed with the bathrooms, so I guess it really isn't my Dream Home after all, besides when they remodeled it they tore off the Green House which was the big seller for me.

For now they are trying things out to see how things go. They are paying about a third of the rent. Samantha plans on taking 6 months off once she has the baby, and then returning to work while going for her RN. They seem to have a plan and I wish them all the luck in the world to make their dreams come true. Oh by the way Samantha is officially a CNA.

We have been keeping ourselves busy with the normal, physical therapy, and Dr. appointments for Dennis, swimming and hanging out with friends for the girls. We have had many friends over this summer. Shopping, cleaning, and spending time with the kids has taken up most of the rest of the time. With all of this we have kept our date nights going, which is a God send. It gives us time for just ourselves while strengthening our marriage. More about that later.

Anyways there is so much to catch up everyone I and so little time for me to get it all down. I must get going so I can get dinner prepared for the family, but rest assured I shall return...sooner or later.