Monday, January 16, 2012

Extra day off

Since today was Religious Freedom Day the kids had a day off from school. Not that I wouldn't mind them having another day off. Since most of us have post nasal drip and we had problems with the furnace we didn't really get all that much done today. I know we have all been upstairs for quite some time now. Of course when Dennis is almost ready to get home the Older girls decide to go downstairs again. I sure hope they don't make a mess. He hates it when they do, and then they try to say it wasn't them.
All of a sudden Samantha wants to eat and Dennise wants to be on the computer, with that they woke up Deanna and Dorothy so now I have to start all over again with getting them into bed. They may be older but they could do things a lot more quite then they are. I love my kids but they can sure push your buttons when they want too. It is getting quite again so I am going to go and try to take my bath until Dennis gets home for the night.
I know he is coming home and going right to sleep because the shoe truck is coming tomorrow and he needs new shoes for work. He is so lucky to have a job that pays for their shoes they have to wear, up to a certain amount of course. He plans on getting two pairs and having them take the rest out of his check for the next few weeks. it shouldn't be much over what he is allowed, as the one pair he got last year just didn't quite make it so two pair should get him through the year with no problem. I know I was once told you should change out your shoes every three months just like you do with your toothbrush.
Well off I go for the night wish you all sweet dreams. I am going to take my bath while it is nice and quite. Bubbles here I come.

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