Sunday, January 1, 2012


So here I am as promised with a update on how we are all doing. Since the name of this is blog is one mothers account of daily life I suppose I should be blogging each day on the goings on in our home. I haven't done that good of a job but plan to do much better this year. Yes kind of a resolution but more of a goal for me. Most of my blogging goes on over at Gather, and now even Word Press still playing with many sites to see where I like it best. They all seem to have their goods and bads with none being perfect. I refuse to pay for a better website, so I have to deal with what I can get for free. Free is a word I love to hear, and saves me tons of money that can be better spent elsewhere.
Getting to what our family did today. We pretty much just relaxed since Tuesday marks the kids going back to school after Christmas vacation. They only had a week off which was kind of a bummer I do enjoy having them home a bit longer, to not only snuggle with but to get a few extra days of helping out around the house so I can get other things done.
My husband had to put the belt on his van but waited till it was pretty much dark outside to do it, then got mad because things were not going his way. He came in and yelled a bit and then went out again to try. He got the belt back on, jump started it with my van, then while it was running Dennise came in and grabbed his wallet. The first thing that went through my mind is that he is going to turn it off at the gas station and it isn't going to start back up because it needed to run longer. They were not gone long before Dennis entered the house telling the exact thing I was saying so he is going to get gas in the morning instead. He said good thing too because he would have been at the gas station stranded with my set of keys in his pocket and no way for me to get to him.
We then has dinner, I had left overs while everyone else had hamburgers and french fries. Then we had ice cream for dessert and it was then time to get the little ones ready for bed. Deanna and Dorothy brushed their teeth, then Deanna went to bed with out a fuss. Dorothy ended up staying up a bit longer because she said her privates hurt. She is still learning to wipe and of course once we washed the area and put on clean underwear she too was more then ready for bed. One more day of playing with their new treasure from Christmas and back to school it is for them.
That does remind me that earlier today Dorothy brought her jewlery box to me that she got for Christmas because she couldn't open it, so after I tried to open it and couldn't, I asked for the box it came in hoping they hadn't thrown in away yet. It actually had instructions for how to pry it open in case it stopped opening. So we got it open and sure enough the special key to open it was tucked nice and safe inside the jewlery box. By the way this magical jewlery box is pretty neat if you ask me. A magical magnetic key is waved in front of this jewled heart. It starts to play a magical toon and then opens up. Very neat, she kept playing with it and the jewlery pretty much all day long, except for the little bit of time that Dorothy and Deanna were playing with their Barbies, and Polly pockets.
Samantha spent some time with her boyfriend and Lilly, cleaned her room, and did her work out. Other then that I don't think she did very much although she did change out the laundry for me and I hope she swept the kitchen floor after dinner. Each of the kids have a chore for Dinner but with the boys out of the house now it pretty much falls on the older girls because the younger ones are still learning. Every now and then you get a complaint from one of them but not as often as you might think. Well the kids are all off to sleep and my husband is snoring by myside so it is time to cut this update off and get to my other sites and get them updated. Good night all, I hope you have a great year ahead.

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