Saturday, February 4, 2012

Update and Those Darn Kids

It has been quite a while since I last posted, all of the kids went through the 24 hours stomach bug, and of course not at the same time, so that was a pretty exciting week on top of me already being sick. That weekend Deanna and I both went to the Dr.'s she had a ear infection which happens to swell her face up, and I ended up with a diagnosis of an acute bronchitis. I am feeling better now and I have been getting things done around the house again. I never know when I will get sick again so I try to get as much done when I am feeling healthy as I can so when I am sick the house doesn't get too bad, but with being sick for about a month things were behind even with me doing the minimal. The kids and Dennis were helping out but they were getting tired of doing the things I do everyday, and the kids had started fighting over who was to do what.
The kids have regular chores they do, and when one child is not here the rest have to do that job, and it sometimes turns into they always do the job at least from their point of view instead of wondering how it gets done when they aren't here. I suppose someday they will get that. Everything usually works out for the best, but when they are arguing over it, it can get kind of heated. I never had a sibling to fight with, my brothers were all off starting their own families and my bio siblings I didn't meet till years later, so to me this is a whole new part of parenting.
The girls mainly fight over clothes and jewelry, and they like to borrow my things without asking. I don't have much jewelry don't really wear it all that much, but the few pieces I do have they take and use and don't put back so when I do go to wear it they can't remember what they did with it. Samantha also likes to borrow my tops, and I usually don't see those until I find them in the wash on the off chance that she hasn't gotten to them first. I guess I should be happy that my teen daughter thinks my clothes are nice enough to wear around her friends, and for special occasions. I must have a good fashion sense, although most of the time I just wear leggings, tutlenecks and a sweater or sweat shirt.
In the end I love them all very much, and I am proud to be their mom. I just hope they realize all we do for them each and every day. I guess that is about it for updates from our neck of the woods. Will go into more about Deanna and her basketball games in a different post. Hope you have a great weekend.