Saturday, September 20, 2014

Buddy Bench and Soccer.

Thought I would stop by to update while my homemade spaghetti sauce is cooking away, Dorothy is taking a nap, and Deanna is playing with her friends. I already got one of my reviews up today, picked up my papers for the coupons, and did a little shopping. 

Deanna is excited that one of her old friends from when she was in pre-school has moved back near us, so close in fact she can play with her almost every day, so now that they have rekindled their friendship they have been in and out of the house all day. Deanna's friend will be eating dinner with us as well as spending the night. Most of the time Deanna's friends get homesick and end up going home so time will tell if it works out. Either way she has another friend to play with. 

Soccer is under way in our area and the girls are glad to be back out there on the fields. 

Deanna is playing her last year on the Youth Team and will move up to playing for the school next year. I was very lucky to receive a pair of new Storelli bodyshield Leg Guards for her to try out for a company I work with.  So far so good. Will be doing a full review for them over on my other blog MarksvilleandMe in the next few days. 

Dorothy is excited as if you couldn't tell from this picture. Here she is getting ready to watch her bigger sister play her game. Her game was already done and over with. Sadly because of our prior engagements the girls missed two of their practices but should be ready this week. 

We had Open House at the school for both of the younger girls earlier this week and all went well. Deanna has a new to this school teacher who seems like he has lots of ideas to make learning fun for the kids. While we were meeting him (only one other parent besides myself was there) another teacher came in asking for me and low and behold it is one of my friends who teaches special ed as well and told me anytime Deanna needs help just let her know and she will be there to help out. 

Deanna's teacher asked if there was anyone I didn't know and I said I knew lots of people but certainly not a sweet heart. I certainly feel even better knowing that I have another friend on the inside so I can keep abreast of all of the inner school happenings because if you don't ask, you do not receive when it comes to education for your child.

You may remember from last year that Deanna had three teachers and a pretty hard time during school because of all of the changes so I am hoping this year will be another good year like she had two years ago. 

Next it was onto Dorothy's classroom, and her teacher is great. I instantly hit it off with her and look forward to another rewarding school year for my youngest daughter. This teacher seems to have it all together and that makes me really feel good about the education my child receives. 

Being a parent is hard enough without having to worry about if your child is being taught right or not (don't get me going on common core), but I do like to know that the teacher is competent enough to teach my child what they are presented with. 

One thing that bothered me at the Open House had to do with the way the government tells schools what they have to do no matter how much of a bad choice it is for the students, and how easily even the Principle is pulled into spreading lies to parents who don't have the sense to know better really ticks me off. 

On a good note I think the best idea was a bench that the school has that is multi-colored that was placed on the playground. It is for children who can't find anyone to play with. Of course they are hoping kids take the initiative to go over and play with the child but if they don't the playground aides are supposed to help out.  I have seen them called Buddy Benches but now sure what our school calls them. Either way it is a great idea. 

Dinner is almost ready so off I go to enjoy dinner with the family but hope to be back on soon for another update.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to school in Marksville

The girls just finished their first two days of school. They have all been really excited and nervous at the same time to start school. They all have new teachers this year, Dorothy entered 2nd grade and is in the Rock Stars classroom, Deanna started 6th grade with a brand new teacher to our district. Dennise started her last year of school as a Senior and is looking forward to what her future will hold. 

I had a really nice letter from both of the younger girls teachers this week, and sent out emails to both teacher so that I can make sure they are on my contacts list. I look forward to meeting them during Open House.

Dorothy and Deanna start Soccer this weekend, which starts another year full of games to attend for all of the different sports they do. Thankfully so far Dorothy only does two sports, but Deanna is interested in a lot more and once she hits 7th grade she will have to make some choices between which ones she can do because some are played at the same time.

Deanna was not able to be in Choir this year because it would not fit into her schedule but I still have one more call to make to see if they can possible change a few things to accommodate her wishes. her favorite thing about being in 6th grade is that she can sit with whoever she wants to at lunch.

Dorothy was finally glad to be able to wear her new clothes and meet her teacher. She was a little afraid she wouldn't have any of her friends in her classroom, but has had no complaints and really likes her teacher so far. She brought a bag home today that she has to decorate and return Monday with 4-5 things from around the house that tell something about her. We are including a picture of our family, but the rest  of the items she will pick herself. Will be interesting to see what she picks out. 

They also did a really neat project with different kinds of beads to make a backpack ornament. I will try to include a picture on a different post her bag is not accessible at this time. I love all of the neat things that the younger grades do with the children. She even said they worked on something to give to us already but she isn't sure when we get it. I am thinking on Open House or at the end of the year, depends on what the teacher has planned.

Dennise  the child who has filled our lives with music is now a Senior and with that comes a whole year filled with activities for both her and her parents. It really is as busy for the child as it is for the parent or guardian. She already brought home her BBQ tickets to sell for Home Coming. We have turned in Dennise's Senior picture, baby picture, her Senior Quote, and another picture she wanted submitted for flashback something. My husband is working on a project for the yearbook to hand in as well. And this is just the first two days of school. 

Dennise decided against getting her picture taken by the school and has submitted the one she took, although we really like another one that was taken better, I believe we still have time to change it, but in the end it will be her choice. 

 It just amazes me how all of my children enjoyed school through out the years, with only a few bumps along the way. Seems like yesterday I was putting our first born on the bus. It is hard to believe we will be seeing our third child graduate in 2015, along with all of her friends. It won't be long till our last graduates, and then our grand children after them. The times goes by so quickly. 

As for my husband who started back to college 2 days before the girls returned to school, did very well over the summer keeping himself on the President's List. I am very proud of him and can not wait to see him walk across the stage next Spring and then move onto his 4 year college. 

MarksvilleandMe wishes everyone a great year ahead in what ever area you are studying.