Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nothing special today

So today I really didn't feel much better then I did yesterday. The kids had school, not even a delay. I did sleep in for about a hour and then I was up. I did a few things around the house, watched Lilly and got a few posts up over at Gather. Dennis went to work early before I remembered we needed the van so Samantha could cash her WIC checks. We literally lost out on a whole months worth. Just hope our milk will hold out till the next set are ready to go. I haven't had a WIC check go unused since I worked outside of the home.

Tomorrow I have a parent meeting which is why I am getting my blog done so early. With not getting much sleep last night because of coughing I wanted to get all the rest I can for tomorrow. Other then the above nothing much has really happend to report about so I will leave you with this real short update and will get to getting some rest. Hope you are all in good health, and have a good nights rest.

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