Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sicky poo Saturday

I felt sicky poo anyways. I made it through most of the day but as evening came on swallowing was getting worse. I did manage to get the dishes done after Dennis had to fix the sink because the landlord's men never came back. We also had to clean up the mess they left behind which took some time, and to think they still have to come and seal the sink because Dennis didn't have anything for that. When I had come back from picking up my newspapers, and some potatoes, I found him working on the sink. It now sits better. the cabinet isn't pulled away from the wall, the sprayer come out more then 3 inches, and the faucet is set even instead of being half on the seal and half off. Dennis can't fix the big chips they left in the counter top but he did what he could so that the sink wasn't going to hurt anyone although he did caution me to be very careful that I don't cut myself.

We just had hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner, as I wasn't feeling all that well. Dennise did most of the cooking while I rested a bit, although the kids bickered a lot today, which really got me going to. It is like a virus that takes over, except I wasn't feeling good so they got away with a bit more then they are used to, kind of taking advantage. I just hope if I get sick they can pull together to keep the house in order. I thought I would be feeling better by now. Deanna's first basketball game is tomorrow and I don't want to miss. I hope if I am not feeling well Dennis will take her to her game for me. I can hope he will.

The kids all had their baths and showers are and getting to bed a little later tonight then usual but they did sleep in a bit too, so I shouldn't complain. I just got done with my bath and wanted to get this up before I watch a movie and turn in for the night myself. I hope you all have a great nights sleep. Good night.

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