Monday, January 16, 2012

First Basketball Game and a Surprise

Our family got a bit busy yesterday once I got home and soon enough I was ready for bed. As the evening comes my chest fills up and it is harder to breath. I thought I was feeling better yet again, and then after 8pm it was right back. I did get in a very short bath and then went right to bed no movie or anything. In the morning Dennis slept in to nurse his knee, so Dennise, Dorothy, Deanna, and I went to Deanna's first basketball game. When we got there we had to find our coach, but before we found the coach another Mom I know helped us get a shirt for her which was huge on her so we had to tie it in the back. While we were trying to get the shirt situated my Mother-in-law and Father-in-law came out to the concession stand I think, and said hello and asked when Deanna's game was. We told them and they went on their way. We headed into the gym where we were waiting for the other game to end, and my Mother-in-law came back over to us and asked if she could get a ride home with us, if there was enough room in the van for her, then she could stay and see Deanna's game. One I was flabbergasted, two I was very happy for Deanna, and three I was proud of Mother-in-Law. I don't think she has been able to view one of Deanna's game ever and when the other kids played sports they didn't live in the same area as we did so I don't think she made it to theirs either, so this was a great surprise. We all said yes right away to her riding with us.

We found most of her team and her coach, and settled in. He asked if we had a shirt, which she had on. It was huge and he had extras so we found one that fit her much better and she changed her shirt once again and we gave the other back to him to use for another player if they needed it. She sat with her team mates for a little while then came up to me and we watched the last bit of the game together with her asking me about the moves. So since she loves soccer which she calls football. I told her you pretty much play it the same way except you use your hands and not your feet. She thinks that is so funny. Now she did play 2 years ago and didn't even know how to dribble the ball but by the end of the season she was dribbling and making a basket or two, and the coach even said a special speech about her. Sadly she even after all the praise she didn't want to play last year. So this year when Soccer was almost over and she asked to do Basketball too it was a shock, but we said yes right away. Anything that keeps Deanna busy is good for her. It helps get rid of all of her energy and she sleeps better at night.

The game ended and my Mother-in-law moved on over to sit by us. Dennise and Dorothy were sitting on the top. Dorothy had brought in her baby doll and some things to play with so she would be occupied. My mother-in -law and I chatted while the game was going. It was really nice. So sorry Dennis missed out, he does enjoy when his mom comes over to visit and he would have enjoyed seeing her watch the game too. I only had to pause a moment to catch a stray ball and return it to the Coach or referee once during the game. Nice to see my reflexes are still good. The kids were all over the floor and surprise Deanna's team won with 3-0. Not bad at all. To be honest I didn't' even know they had won until we got home and Samantha had told us we won. Her friends brother was on the other team and he was bummed that they lost. Soccer I am a bit more competitive with but it was still nice that they did well. Next week we will see how they do.

We packed up and out into the freezing cold we went to get into the van. We drove my Mother-in-law home. Dennise and Deanna gave her hugs and Dorothy got upset because she was in her car seat and couldn't 't get out. We told her she could give Grandma a super big hug next time she sees her which made her happy and she subsided. When we got home Deanna couldn't wait to tell Samantha that Grandma had stayed to see her game. She was ear to ear grinning, and Samantha was surprised too. I do have to say that before this year my mother-in-law worked weekends so she wasn't able to see them too often in their sports, but came to most of the kids school events when she could. Now she works all week and misses their school performances but can fit in their sports and weekend activities. For the last few years she has come to very few of our kids things, and slowly she has been coming over more often and taking a interest in the kids. Which makes them happy, Dennis happy, and me happy. I have tried my whole marriage to keep the kids connected to their extended family, with Dennis not understanding why I tried so hard. He understood when my parents both died with in 2 or so years apart how important my parents were to the kids, but it didn't hit home for him until his own father had died.

Before it was always me making the time to see his family, calling, inviting, trying to take the kids to see her, always being told they were sick, had other plans and such. It wasn't until we moved back closer to his mother that he noticed his mom never came except for Holidays, Birthdays. She only seemed to come to school when his sister's kids were present, hardly taking notice to his kids, and it started to sink in how differently he and his kids were treated. Something I always saw from the beginning but never let onto, but as the kids got older they saw for themselves and they started losing the excitement of seeing Grandma. It was a little over a year ago that Dennis took a stack of blogs written by his sister to his mother. A last resort for him but his sister had pushed him to the edge, and it was either give her the papers and she would see or he was giving up all together.

Since then she has come around more often to see her Grandchildren and Dennis. I blog openly about our lives and you might catch things from time to time, either good or bad about people but it never changes the love that we feel for our family and friends, it is just a way to work through them in words, to help me through it all. Well that is all for our Sunday. Hope you all had a good nights rest and if you have today off enjoy your extra day and do something fun with your family or friends.

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