Monday, January 23, 2012

The Last Two Days

Yesterday went by in a blur, I didn't get on the computer until late after noon, as I was folding clothes, and then took Deanna to her Basketball game. She played against her cousin's team this week, they didn't win but they have yet to have a practice, so doing as well as they did is a great accomplishment. I hope they get their practice in this week. Next week is pictures so I have to take a bit from our budget for that . Not to expensive anyways. We just get a team picture and and a eight by ten single photo. Most everyone can see the kids online when we post the pictures anyways.

When we got home we had dinner, then retired to bed early as the heater is still not fixed, they said they will be here tomorrow. I sure hope so. We have been lucky to have mild weather but I sure don't want to deal with frozen pipes, although really we have only had that problem once in the whole time we have been on our own so I guess I can't really complain and the one time it did happen nothing busted so all was good. We should have our fuel delivery before the end of the week as well. Then we should make it through the winter if we are lucky.

Besides calling the landlord this morning to get someone in here to fix the heater, I was able to get some things done around the house, and some much needed computer work done. My desk is still a mess but it almost always is due to the papers from everyone else. Samantha and Dennis have mid-terms so sometimes they will be in school the other times they will be home. So it is very nice to have them home to watch Lilly so I can get other things done.

I don't really have much more to report as it has been quite here, soon enough spring time will be here and with that comes the Birthdays, income tax, shopping, and end of the year stuff for school. A very busy time ahead, but until then I will take the quite and concentrate on getting our bills paid off, which is going ok. Wish it could go quicker but it takes time. Well until my next update I guess this is it. Sure hope you all have a great week. Good night everyone.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Internet flucuations

With the Internet going in and out the last few nights I am just getting to this blog now. It seems to work find during the day and then at night go in and out. I hope to either get this up before it starts to act up or it has run its course and it will be fine for a while again. I am still not feeling well, but it could always be worse. I am upright, and I can talk. Even though I get tired a bit more then usual I am still moving, and breathing. What more can you ask for?

My meeting with Samantha's Senior advisor went well and everything is a go for her Senior Trip. We did our shopping and pretty much stayed within budget. I went 10.00 over but will have to cut that out of next weeks spending some how. My van takes a bit more gas then my husband's did to run back and forth to work, which doesn't make sense. It is newer so you would think it would be better on gas. My van also takes 26 gallons to fill from empty so when you fill it you are spending over 100.00. We have only been putting in 50.00 a week and we have just been scrapping by.

Dennise had a friend over who went home today not feeling well. We also got some snow, not sure if it is still snowing or not but it is nice to see the white stuff finally covering the ground. We also had our Glad party for House Party, have to get that blog up tomorrow or Monday sometime. Deanna and Dennis had fun with one of her Christmas gifts today, which was nice. I did get a blog up about that which you can see on my Gather site.

I came up early to take a nice hot bath but one of the girls took a shower upstairs which they are not allowed to do. They have the downstairs bathroom, so now the tub is clogged. I do not know how someone who takes showers almost everyday can clog the tub each time they use it. So since the water is still in the tub and will probably take more then one day to go down, I got online to get this up quick.

We also had the toilet overflow and come through the kitchen ceiling. Figures they just put up all new stuff and it overflows. It has been so long since it has done it. One of the older girls keeps using the toilet and clogging it too. What a pain in the neck it is. We did however have a great dinner and a yummy dessert. That is pretty much it, so I am going to leave you with that and spend some time with my sweetie. Have a good night everyone.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nice and short.

Well today was pretty much just like yesterday. Still fighting being sick. Dorothy did stay home today though and gave me a run for the money. She likes to help with Lilly but her way is not my way so we butt heads. Dinner was horrible, won't do that recipe again, but on a good note it is snowing, at least that is what the kids say. Will ask Dennis how it is out when he comes up to check on me. I tried to get some sleep but the coughing is keeping me awake.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the week unless they close down for the day. This weekend we have basket ball practice, the game, and sometime between that will be shopping. Not much still staying on that budget. So far so good. I have like a 1.oo something in the bank but hey it is something and better then nothing. Well short and sweet for tonight. See you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our day

I made it to my meeting today and was able to stay up all day without a nap. Although I am in bed right now trying to rest the kids are still up so I can't go to sleep all of the way. I was able to watch a movie to add to one of the goals I am doing this year which is to watch 26 movies each beginning with a letter of the alphabet I haven't watched yet. So far so good. I think X will be the hardest to get done but who knows will be updating that from time to time here or you can catch it over on my Gather profile.
Dennise has been such a big help since I have been sick. Dennis has noticed too and when we have a little leeway in the finaicial part we are going to take her out to dinner with us. Probably one of the buffets but she will enjoy the time with us and eating of course. I think all of the kids love to eat at the buffets.
Friday I have a meeting with one of Samantha's teachers about the senior trip. We are working really hard so she can go. They cashed the check so that is always a good sign that everything is a go. Dennise noticed the 2015 sweatshirts were in. I didn't get a chance to order her one yet and hope they can still get hers in when I have the money available. She does so well in school and works so hard it, I think she deserves one.
My kids don't get fancy cars, or the newest electrical gadgets. No fancy jewlery, or expensive clothes. They have a few luxerys but most of the time they just have what is needed and not much more. I am glad that they are not money hungry or even materilistic. I think Dennis and I have raised some pretty bright kids that know the difference between what is needed and what is a want in life.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nothing special today

So today I really didn't feel much better then I did yesterday. The kids had school, not even a delay. I did sleep in for about a hour and then I was up. I did a few things around the house, watched Lilly and got a few posts up over at Gather. Dennis went to work early before I remembered we needed the van so Samantha could cash her WIC checks. We literally lost out on a whole months worth. Just hope our milk will hold out till the next set are ready to go. I haven't had a WIC check go unused since I worked outside of the home.

Tomorrow I have a parent meeting which is why I am getting my blog done so early. With not getting much sleep last night because of coughing I wanted to get all the rest I can for tomorrow. Other then the above nothing much has really happend to report about so I will leave you with this real short update and will get to getting some rest. Hope you are all in good health, and have a good nights rest.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Extra day off

Since today was Religious Freedom Day the kids had a day off from school. Not that I wouldn't mind them having another day off. Since most of us have post nasal drip and we had problems with the furnace we didn't really get all that much done today. I know we have all been upstairs for quite some time now. Of course when Dennis is almost ready to get home the Older girls decide to go downstairs again. I sure hope they don't make a mess. He hates it when they do, and then they try to say it wasn't them.
All of a sudden Samantha wants to eat and Dennise wants to be on the computer, with that they woke up Deanna and Dorothy so now I have to start all over again with getting them into bed. They may be older but they could do things a lot more quite then they are. I love my kids but they can sure push your buttons when they want too. It is getting quite again so I am going to go and try to take my bath until Dennis gets home for the night.
I know he is coming home and going right to sleep because the shoe truck is coming tomorrow and he needs new shoes for work. He is so lucky to have a job that pays for their shoes they have to wear, up to a certain amount of course. He plans on getting two pairs and having them take the rest out of his check for the next few weeks. it shouldn't be much over what he is allowed, as the one pair he got last year just didn't quite make it so two pair should get him through the year with no problem. I know I was once told you should change out your shoes every three months just like you do with your toothbrush.
Well off I go for the night wish you all sweet dreams. I am going to take my bath while it is nice and quite. Bubbles here I come.

First Basketball Game and a Surprise

Our family got a bit busy yesterday once I got home and soon enough I was ready for bed. As the evening comes my chest fills up and it is harder to breath. I thought I was feeling better yet again, and then after 8pm it was right back. I did get in a very short bath and then went right to bed no movie or anything. In the morning Dennis slept in to nurse his knee, so Dennise, Dorothy, Deanna, and I went to Deanna's first basketball game. When we got there we had to find our coach, but before we found the coach another Mom I know helped us get a shirt for her which was huge on her so we had to tie it in the back. While we were trying to get the shirt situated my Mother-in-law and Father-in-law came out to the concession stand I think, and said hello and asked when Deanna's game was. We told them and they went on their way. We headed into the gym where we were waiting for the other game to end, and my Mother-in-law came back over to us and asked if she could get a ride home with us, if there was enough room in the van for her, then she could stay and see Deanna's game. One I was flabbergasted, two I was very happy for Deanna, and three I was proud of Mother-in-Law. I don't think she has been able to view one of Deanna's game ever and when the other kids played sports they didn't live in the same area as we did so I don't think she made it to theirs either, so this was a great surprise. We all said yes right away to her riding with us.

We found most of her team and her coach, and settled in. He asked if we had a shirt, which she had on. It was huge and he had extras so we found one that fit her much better and she changed her shirt once again and we gave the other back to him to use for another player if they needed it. She sat with her team mates for a little while then came up to me and we watched the last bit of the game together with her asking me about the moves. So since she loves soccer which she calls football. I told her you pretty much play it the same way except you use your hands and not your feet. She thinks that is so funny. Now she did play 2 years ago and didn't even know how to dribble the ball but by the end of the season she was dribbling and making a basket or two, and the coach even said a special speech about her. Sadly she even after all the praise she didn't want to play last year. So this year when Soccer was almost over and she asked to do Basketball too it was a shock, but we said yes right away. Anything that keeps Deanna busy is good for her. It helps get rid of all of her energy and she sleeps better at night.

The game ended and my Mother-in-law moved on over to sit by us. Dennise and Dorothy were sitting on the top. Dorothy had brought in her baby doll and some things to play with so she would be occupied. My mother-in -law and I chatted while the game was going. It was really nice. So sorry Dennis missed out, he does enjoy when his mom comes over to visit and he would have enjoyed seeing her watch the game too. I only had to pause a moment to catch a stray ball and return it to the Coach or referee once during the game. Nice to see my reflexes are still good. The kids were all over the floor and surprise Deanna's team won with 3-0. Not bad at all. To be honest I didn't' even know they had won until we got home and Samantha had told us we won. Her friends brother was on the other team and he was bummed that they lost. Soccer I am a bit more competitive with but it was still nice that they did well. Next week we will see how they do.

We packed up and out into the freezing cold we went to get into the van. We drove my Mother-in-law home. Dennise and Deanna gave her hugs and Dorothy got upset because she was in her car seat and couldn't 't get out. We told her she could give Grandma a super big hug next time she sees her which made her happy and she subsided. When we got home Deanna couldn't wait to tell Samantha that Grandma had stayed to see her game. She was ear to ear grinning, and Samantha was surprised too. I do have to say that before this year my mother-in-law worked weekends so she wasn't able to see them too often in their sports, but came to most of the kids school events when she could. Now she works all week and misses their school performances but can fit in their sports and weekend activities. For the last few years she has come to very few of our kids things, and slowly she has been coming over more often and taking a interest in the kids. Which makes them happy, Dennis happy, and me happy. I have tried my whole marriage to keep the kids connected to their extended family, with Dennis not understanding why I tried so hard. He understood when my parents both died with in 2 or so years apart how important my parents were to the kids, but it didn't hit home for him until his own father had died.

Before it was always me making the time to see his family, calling, inviting, trying to take the kids to see her, always being told they were sick, had other plans and such. It wasn't until we moved back closer to his mother that he noticed his mom never came except for Holidays, Birthdays. She only seemed to come to school when his sister's kids were present, hardly taking notice to his kids, and it started to sink in how differently he and his kids were treated. Something I always saw from the beginning but never let onto, but as the kids got older they saw for themselves and they started losing the excitement of seeing Grandma. It was a little over a year ago that Dennis took a stack of blogs written by his sister to his mother. A last resort for him but his sister had pushed him to the edge, and it was either give her the papers and she would see or he was giving up all together.

Since then she has come around more often to see her Grandchildren and Dennis. I blog openly about our lives and you might catch things from time to time, either good or bad about people but it never changes the love that we feel for our family and friends, it is just a way to work through them in words, to help me through it all. Well that is all for our Sunday. Hope you all had a good nights rest and if you have today off enjoy your extra day and do something fun with your family or friends.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sicky poo Saturday

I felt sicky poo anyways. I made it through most of the day but as evening came on swallowing was getting worse. I did manage to get the dishes done after Dennis had to fix the sink because the landlord's men never came back. We also had to clean up the mess they left behind which took some time, and to think they still have to come and seal the sink because Dennis didn't have anything for that. When I had come back from picking up my newspapers, and some potatoes, I found him working on the sink. It now sits better. the cabinet isn't pulled away from the wall, the sprayer come out more then 3 inches, and the faucet is set even instead of being half on the seal and half off. Dennis can't fix the big chips they left in the counter top but he did what he could so that the sink wasn't going to hurt anyone although he did caution me to be very careful that I don't cut myself.

We just had hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner, as I wasn't feeling all that well. Dennise did most of the cooking while I rested a bit, although the kids bickered a lot today, which really got me going to. It is like a virus that takes over, except I wasn't feeling good so they got away with a bit more then they are used to, kind of taking advantage. I just hope if I get sick they can pull together to keep the house in order. I thought I would be feeling better by now. Deanna's first basketball game is tomorrow and I don't want to miss. I hope if I am not feeling well Dennis will take her to her game for me. I can hope he will.

The kids all had their baths and showers are and getting to bed a little later tonight then usual but they did sleep in a bit too, so I shouldn't complain. I just got done with my bath and wanted to get this up before I watch a movie and turn in for the night myself. I hope you all have a great nights sleep. Good night.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick post.

I will try to make this quick. We started out this morning nice and early so we could get home in time for the landlord's men to finnish the sink. We got a few things at the store, took the old van off the road, and put gas in mine. We headed home to heat up the pizza I got for free from winning a online give a way. Samantha had stayed home to take care of Lilly since she hadn't been feeling well, and the men hadn't come yet. Of course once we got settled and I did all of the dishes, I waited, and they never showed up. So my table was full of the things that need to be under the sink, which had to be put away before we could serve dinner, just like we did last night.

So right now the water can pretty much just run right under the sink and in the cabinet below if I am not careful. The worse thing is I got a disturbing call from my landlord this evening which I missed because one of the kids were on the phone so I called back and left a message on his. I sure hope what he said isn't true, but if it is I will need some major prayers. He takes years to fix things and now that things were finally getting fixed he tells me this bad news, I sure hope something works out. I will get into it more at another time though as even though I felt ok earlier in the day my chest is again hurting, and my headache is back. Dennis left for work a while ago and has wrapped his knee again because it was bothering him. I am glad he has the next two days off to let it rest a bit.

Tomorrow I just have to run out and get my coupons and some potatos, then home to get some things done arond here. Sunday is Deanna's first basketball game that I hope Dennis is up to going to, and that is all we really have planned for now. Just a quite weekend at home with the kids. Ok I am off to do one more update if I even do that tonight and then I am going to bed so I can get some rest hoping I will be feelling better by morning. Goodnight everyone.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kind of good, a little bad.

Besides feeling lik crap today, it wasn't too bad. The landlord's men finally came to put the ceiling in they never finnished after repairing the roof, they put in most of the porch windows, having one more they have to make by hand,and believe it or not started the sink, which looks nice but what a hack job they did and they still have to come back and finnish it tomorrow.
We are suppose to take the van off the road so they are coming in the afternoon. I am not sure if I am up to even venturing out much less be up tomorrow long enough for them to get their job done. I am writing now because I feel what ever is coming on getting worse and sure hope I don't end up needing to see a Dr. or needing meds. We really don't have the money for that. I just need to make it through tomorrow and then Saturday Dennis can always pick up my papers for the coupons, and then Sunday is Deanna's first Basketball game.
Paul came by to visit today which was really nice. We have been missing having him around. He visited for a while with Samantha and the family. At the time Samantha's friend Katie and her boyfriend were over. Samantha ended up making baked Mac & Cheese for dinner with hamburgers, as I was not feeling up to eating at all. I actually felt really sick to my stomach this morning, with a horrible headache. Almost feels like a migraine but not. I have a cough and my throat hurts too, I was thinking post nasal drip, but as the day has progressed it has gotten worse.
I did perk up a bit when I was able to cash out at crowdtap for 35.00 in Amazon gift codes. Most of my friends over at Gather know I am trying to make a 1000.00 online this year. So far so good although crowdtap does owe me 14.72 from another cash out I had back on the 8th which is suppose to come in my email. Hope it comes soon will add it right to my other money so I can let iit grow into a nice nest egg for Christmas. I was able to do almost all of my shopping with my online money this year. Not that we had much more then that to spend. Dennis had taken his overtime and bought the girls their presents, I did most of mine online for the little ones, then of course Black Friday shopping which I could have used a bunch more to get all I wanted too, then we picked up stocking stuffers to go with things I had already gotten over the year. This year I plan to do alot more with my online accounts, and less with what my husband makes although we will be setting a bit aside each month for that purpose for things that we can get at a brick and morter store for a good bargain.
Well the kids are all in bed and I am ready to get my other blogs done so I can get some rest hoping I will be able to make it through tomorrow. Have a good night everyone and see you on the flip side.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snuggles and Stories

You will hear from time to time me talk about Snuggles and Stories. That is our families way of saying it is time to snuggle with Mommy or who ever might be reading the stories, and settling down for bed. I know my kids and most of the children I have done child care for have really enjoyed these times, and some still remember these moments. You would be surprised at how many people do not read to their kids, let alone snuggle with them. For me this is a must and something I enjoyed with my Father growing up. I know some of the kids I did child care for didn't even have a book to call their own, and quite often got their first book from me as a gift.
I remember reading to one particular little girl and she told me she wished I was her Mommy because I took time to do things with her. It brought tears to my eyes, but of course this little girl did not understand that her Mommy had to work to be able to take care of her. It wouldn't be the first time I would hear this, that is why when I had kids I read and snuggled with them too. Now I won't lie and say we do it every night. There are days that there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done, or we run super late and have to rush the kids off to be. They always get their hugs and kisses, but sometimes they don't always get the full Snuggles and Stories experience.
As 2011 was coming to an end I wanted to instill in our family that Snuggles and Stories were very important and so far they have had them every night, and they seem to be sleeping better. If you are reading this feeling guilty, don't just grab a book, your child, and snuggle for a while. Once you feel how good you both feel you will find yourself looking forward to these times together. Remember kids grow up and once they reach the teen years they don't want to snuggle and read with you anymore. I want to instill in my children the love and closeness I felt with my Father, so they can pass it on to their children.
Happy reading everyone.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yesterday and today

I meant to get on yesterday but we had a few surprises pop up so I only got to one blog last night. On top of that it is that time of the month, so I was lucky I even made it through the day with out a nap. The short story is that my daughter Samantha broke up with her boyfriend and no one in this family was happy over it. We all like him and saw them going all the way, and he was great with Lilly. I think she is making a mistake but only time will tell how this all plays out, I just hope it plays out with not too many people getting hurt.

Today was a bit better, except for my headache, and the fact that my back is still hurting, I was still able to get quite a bit done. Dennis had done the dishes and a load of laundry, although when I went to check on it, there was a bad smell coming from them so I put them back through the washer with baking soda, and vinegar to kill what ever smell it was, which seemed to work. I had Lilly all day and she was a so good today, which is almost every day but sometimes she cries, and wants to be held non stop, but that doesn't happen too often. I was able to get a few bills paid and some online things done as well. Dennis and I even had a few minutes together this morning and this evening, before we traded spots.

I did our snuggles and stories and the kids are almost all out for the night. Dennis will be leaving for work, and I will get a few blogs done, and maybe even watch another movie tonight or at least finnish one I have been trying to watch. I have the laundry pretty much caught up so I just need to stay on top of it, if that is even possible, and get the folded ones put away in their dressers, but not before Deanna helps me clean up her room a bit. There is always somethiing to clean here, when you are working on one area there is always another waiting to be done next. Just when we get on top of it something comes along and shakes it up a bit, and then we start all over again.

Tomorrow I would like to get a few things done in the kitchen, and work on my desk a bit too. I am going to try to get either Dennise or Deanna to help me with the back bathroom as I promised another blog I would get pictures up of my back bathroom pantry. I might even post that or something like it here for anyone who might be intersted too. I hope you all had a good day, and that the rest of the week goes well for you.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Clean Sunday

It was nice to get something done for a change today. We had breakfast this morning, then started to fold clothes but realized it was really cold in the house, so we had to wake up Dennis so he could restart the heater again. He has had to do it the last few days. There is plenty of fuel so that isn't the problem, so I guess another call to the landlord to see if they can figure out what the problem is, as well as telling him that his men asked to borrow our hose and then didn't return it correctley and kinked the hose up, so Dennis wants a new one to replace it.

My mother in law and father in law stopped over today while we were in the middle of cleaning but that was ok, we just cleared a spot on the table, sat down and chatted for a while. Glad to see her up and moving around, as well as the good news that she should be returning to work at the end of the month. Great news on that anyways.

In the afternoon Samantha, Pual, and I ran up to the store to pick up some mushrooms as Dennis wanted to make stuffed mushrooms for dinner, to go with the pizza, and nachos. He even served roasted red peppers with dinner which I put on my pizza. I skipped the nachos because of the salt. I cracked my lip open the other day and it is still a bit sensitive. I don't like nachos all that much but once in a while I will have a few, other then that it is mostly Dennis and the kids who eat them.

One the kids had their showers, and I gave Dorothy her bath, I took my bath and soaked for a while, and even got some reading in for a change. We have been so busy I haven't really had the chance to read much so it was really nice to be able to tonight. So between laundry, shopping, dishes, baths, and putting clothes away I am bushed and really need to get some rest. I sure hope you all had a great weekend with your families, and a great week ahead. Good night all.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shopping day.

Today started with putting clothes away, then folding more downstairs, sending some up, all while Dennis was resting and watchin a movie. When we finally got ready to go shopping, we decided to take Dorothy with us. Each time we go out we either do a date night with just ourselves, or we pick one or all of the kids to go along with us for a some time with Mommy and Daddy. Today happened to be a day we took Dorothy. We started out to shop stopping first to get my coupons, then gas, before we headed to Sam's club where we did most of our shopping.

Our next stop was Walmart, then out to eat for lunch. After eating our late lunch in which Dorothy was well behaved the whole time. Not unlike her but always nice to see our parenting is still on track. We then made our way to Panera bread where I picked up some goodies for everyone. Sure do love it there. Dorothy went in with me while Dennis stayed in the van, and she loved it in there too. We made our order, paid, and then back to the van we went, and onto the next store to pick up shrimp for a dinner Dennis has been wanting to make everyone.

We headed home where we found Lilly, Samantha, and surprise, Lilly's bio dad. I guess he had stopped by and even apologised for not being at court. He plans to be there the next time, and had a good visit with Lilly and Samantha. He even helped bring the groceries in, which was really nice since by the time we are done shopping, Dennis' knee has had about enough. Yes he is still having pain in it, but not as bad as before, or at least that is what he is telling me.

After we got the kids settled, and gave Deanna the brand new coat we bought her, at a great deal, they ate their pizza, played a bit, then got ready for bed. They are both sleeping, so it is my turn for a little internet time. I am still working on the schedule, but it is coming along. I was glad to find out that we don't have a basketball game tomorrow and the coaches should be calling tomorrow to let us know when our first official practice is. So tomorrow we can clean a bit more, relax, and maybe Grandma is feeling up to making a visit.

I know the kids have been wanting to see her since we didn't take them to the hospital with us when she was in for her operation. We have a big family and she was in a shared room there was hardly enough room for us, I couldn't imagine haveing 6 or more of us in there with her. We would have looked like sardines. Sure hope she is up to it. Time for me to go, hope you all have a restful night of sleep.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Court update.

I noticed I didn't let you know how court went yesterday. Just Samantha, Lilly, and I showed up. No bio father. They asked Samantha a lot of questions and pretty much made her feel bad that she didn't know where he was or had any contact with him. He has had all the time in the world to come over and see Lilly freely, and he has chose not to do so. His choice not ours. His choice when Samantha was for her to get a abortion, well that was not her choice so she had Lilly. The short story is that they are going to try and serve him papers again, and we have a court date for next month again. I will update as I get information of course.

Two days of catching up.

I have to say I am sorry I didn't make it on yesterday after the kids got home and Dennis and I got home from the store we cleaned up a bit around the house. We got into it so much I had forgotten all about Deanna's basketball practice. It was her first practice of the season, so I sure hope the coach calls and lets me know when her game is on Sunday. Sometimes that happens we get doing someting else and forget about other things. I tend to take advantage when I have the strength to do house work because usually I end up sick shortly after.

While we are on the subject of being sick, guess who woke up with a raging headache, a cough, sore ribs, and throat. You guessed it me. I did get the dishes done, clothes folded, laundry washed, the couches tidied, two picture blogs up, and dinner to the kids though today. I also watched after Lilly although Dennis helped a bit this morning.

Tonight Dennis traded hours with someone else so he is not here, but have no fear, Dorothy and Deanna are here to cuddle with mommy and keep her safe. It is like a little slumber party. He has been on days for so long because of his knee they aren't use to him working overnights anymore. It is also nice have Princess around to let us know if anyone is snooping around, which doesn't happen too often but I guess last week there was gas stolen from someone, and then the next night a mini van was stolen, so even in a little town like ours there are those who would take advantage of a situation.

I will have to be cutting this one short as I have a few more blogs to get too, and some other online things as well. I feel behind but I told myself this year I will take one step at a time, although having teenagers in the house it sure is hard to do sometimes. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Court Tomorrow.

Just a quick update tonight as I need to get some sleep so I can take my Husband to work in the morning so I can have the van to take Samantha to court to see about child support. Something we never cared if we got, but since my daughter is only 17, is still in high school, and we can't add the baby to our medical she needs something and Social services is trying to get money from Lilly's bio dad. I am sure at some point he will have to pay something or he will either end up in jail or always running from the law. I don't want to see him go through that but I also don't think we should have to be drug to court ourselves because of these formalities. You know his lawyer is going to ask for paternity test which will just cost him more in the long run, they are going to have to give everyone lawyers as no one can afford one, and then reset a new date, in which we have to go back again, and again until they come to some kind of a agreement. I say let him just sign his rights away and we won't have to go through this anymore, but I hear in NY even if the father signs his rights away they still have to pay child support. I don't think this is right but I don't make the laws, I am just at the mercy of them. So look for a update tomorrow on how things are going. Have any of my readers been though anything like this? If you have please tell me if we should expect anything else?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just a Normal Day

Pretty uneventful day here. The landlords men were suppose to redo our bathroom floor, but then came back and said they would be back tomorrow instead. We have been only waiting 2 years for them to fix it what is one more day. I got alot done today, some laundry, the dishes, towels folded, picked up some things at the store and even got some blogging done. Not too bad if you ask me. Of course I had Lilly too so I had to work that all in around her.

Samantha made dessert and dinner tonight which was really nice but then again she enjoys making her homemade chicken tenders. When they are on sale I pick up a bunch and of course Dennis separated them and when he saw how many were left over after dinner he realized he should have split them into 6 meals like I said instead of 5. What can I say I have been splitting the meals for years for the family, and of course my meat eating man thought he could put more in each bag, not knowing how little we needed for each meal.

That is ok it is one of the things you can cook one way and have the same or change it up a bit, serving it a totally different way another time for leftovers. Chicken salad anyone? Yep that is what I am going to make. Soup and Salad for tomorrow night. Well the kids are down for the night and I still have a few more things to get done. See you all tomorrow.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Tree Came Down

Yes you read that right the tree came down. Dennise took the tree down, while the kids, and I put the ornaments away, and organized everything for next year. Dennis made me ornament holders for the totes we bought the other day, so they would be nice and safe. Then Dennis did his magic and fit the tree back into the box it came in. Then he and Samantha put the tree, decorations, and wrapping paper down in the basment all neat and tidy till next Christmas.

Other then that we organized a few other areas in the house, did a few loads of laundry, and ate our meals nothing to big or exciting. Although every time Samantha went to check the mail the doors were locked. Where the post offices closed today? I guesss we will find out tomorrow if they were or not. I look forward to mail, almost as much as blogging. Well it is that time for me to get to some of my other blogs before turning in for the night. Have a good one and hope that you too got your tree down.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


So here I am as promised with a update on how we are all doing. Since the name of this is blog is one mothers account of daily life I suppose I should be blogging each day on the goings on in our home. I haven't done that good of a job but plan to do much better this year. Yes kind of a resolution but more of a goal for me. Most of my blogging goes on over at Gather, and now even Word Press still playing with many sites to see where I like it best. They all seem to have their goods and bads with none being perfect. I refuse to pay for a better website, so I have to deal with what I can get for free. Free is a word I love to hear, and saves me tons of money that can be better spent elsewhere.
Getting to what our family did today. We pretty much just relaxed since Tuesday marks the kids going back to school after Christmas vacation. They only had a week off which was kind of a bummer I do enjoy having them home a bit longer, to not only snuggle with but to get a few extra days of helping out around the house so I can get other things done.
My husband had to put the belt on his van but waited till it was pretty much dark outside to do it, then got mad because things were not going his way. He came in and yelled a bit and then went out again to try. He got the belt back on, jump started it with my van, then while it was running Dennise came in and grabbed his wallet. The first thing that went through my mind is that he is going to turn it off at the gas station and it isn't going to start back up because it needed to run longer. They were not gone long before Dennis entered the house telling the exact thing I was saying so he is going to get gas in the morning instead. He said good thing too because he would have been at the gas station stranded with my set of keys in his pocket and no way for me to get to him.
We then has dinner, I had left overs while everyone else had hamburgers and french fries. Then we had ice cream for dessert and it was then time to get the little ones ready for bed. Deanna and Dorothy brushed their teeth, then Deanna went to bed with out a fuss. Dorothy ended up staying up a bit longer because she said her privates hurt. She is still learning to wipe and of course once we washed the area and put on clean underwear she too was more then ready for bed. One more day of playing with their new treasure from Christmas and back to school it is for them.
That does remind me that earlier today Dorothy brought her jewlery box to me that she got for Christmas because she couldn't open it, so after I tried to open it and couldn't, I asked for the box it came in hoping they hadn't thrown in away yet. It actually had instructions for how to pry it open in case it stopped opening. So we got it open and sure enough the special key to open it was tucked nice and safe inside the jewlery box. By the way this magical jewlery box is pretty neat if you ask me. A magical magnetic key is waved in front of this jewled heart. It starts to play a magical toon and then opens up. Very neat, she kept playing with it and the jewlery pretty much all day long, except for the little bit of time that Dorothy and Deanna were playing with their Barbies, and Polly pockets.
Samantha spent some time with her boyfriend and Lilly, cleaned her room, and did her work out. Other then that I don't think she did very much although she did change out the laundry for me and I hope she swept the kitchen floor after dinner. Each of the kids have a chore for Dinner but with the boys out of the house now it pretty much falls on the older girls because the younger ones are still learning. Every now and then you get a complaint from one of them but not as often as you might think. Well the kids are all off to sleep and my husband is snoring by myside so it is time to cut this update off and get to my other sites and get them updated. Good night all, I hope you have a great year ahead.