Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our day

I made it to my meeting today and was able to stay up all day without a nap. Although I am in bed right now trying to rest the kids are still up so I can't go to sleep all of the way. I was able to watch a movie to add to one of the goals I am doing this year which is to watch 26 movies each beginning with a letter of the alphabet I haven't watched yet. So far so good. I think X will be the hardest to get done but who knows will be updating that from time to time here or you can catch it over on my Gather profile.
Dennise has been such a big help since I have been sick. Dennis has noticed too and when we have a little leeway in the finaicial part we are going to take her out to dinner with us. Probably one of the buffets but she will enjoy the time with us and eating of course. I think all of the kids love to eat at the buffets.
Friday I have a meeting with one of Samantha's teachers about the senior trip. We are working really hard so she can go. They cashed the check so that is always a good sign that everything is a go. Dennise noticed the 2015 sweatshirts were in. I didn't get a chance to order her one yet and hope they can still get hers in when I have the money available. She does so well in school and works so hard it, I think she deserves one.
My kids don't get fancy cars, or the newest electrical gadgets. No fancy jewlery, or expensive clothes. They have a few luxerys but most of the time they just have what is needed and not much more. I am glad that they are not money hungry or even materilistic. I think Dennis and I have raised some pretty bright kids that know the difference between what is needed and what is a want in life.

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