Monday, January 23, 2012

The Last Two Days

Yesterday went by in a blur, I didn't get on the computer until late after noon, as I was folding clothes, and then took Deanna to her Basketball game. She played against her cousin's team this week, they didn't win but they have yet to have a practice, so doing as well as they did is a great accomplishment. I hope they get their practice in this week. Next week is pictures so I have to take a bit from our budget for that . Not to expensive anyways. We just get a team picture and and a eight by ten single photo. Most everyone can see the kids online when we post the pictures anyways.

When we got home we had dinner, then retired to bed early as the heater is still not fixed, they said they will be here tomorrow. I sure hope so. We have been lucky to have mild weather but I sure don't want to deal with frozen pipes, although really we have only had that problem once in the whole time we have been on our own so I guess I can't really complain and the one time it did happen nothing busted so all was good. We should have our fuel delivery before the end of the week as well. Then we should make it through the winter if we are lucky.

Besides calling the landlord this morning to get someone in here to fix the heater, I was able to get some things done around the house, and some much needed computer work done. My desk is still a mess but it almost always is due to the papers from everyone else. Samantha and Dennis have mid-terms so sometimes they will be in school the other times they will be home. So it is very nice to have them home to watch Lilly so I can get other things done.

I don't really have much more to report as it has been quite here, soon enough spring time will be here and with that comes the Birthdays, income tax, shopping, and end of the year stuff for school. A very busy time ahead, but until then I will take the quite and concentrate on getting our bills paid off, which is going ok. Wish it could go quicker but it takes time. Well until my next update I guess this is it. Sure hope you all have a great week. Good night everyone.

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