Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Court Tomorrow.

Just a quick update tonight as I need to get some sleep so I can take my Husband to work in the morning so I can have the van to take Samantha to court to see about child support. Something we never cared if we got, but since my daughter is only 17, is still in high school, and we can't add the baby to our medical she needs something and Social services is trying to get money from Lilly's bio dad. I am sure at some point he will have to pay something or he will either end up in jail or always running from the law. I don't want to see him go through that but I also don't think we should have to be drug to court ourselves because of these formalities. You know his lawyer is going to ask for paternity test which will just cost him more in the long run, they are going to have to give everyone lawyers as no one can afford one, and then reset a new date, in which we have to go back again, and again until they come to some kind of a agreement. I say let him just sign his rights away and we won't have to go through this anymore, but I hear in NY even if the father signs his rights away they still have to pay child support. I don't think this is right but I don't make the laws, I am just at the mercy of them. So look for a update tomorrow on how things are going. Have any of my readers been though anything like this? If you have please tell me if we should expect anything else?

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