Friday, November 8, 2013

Autumn Photos in Marksville

Even though we took these a few weeks ago I thought my readers might want to see the pictures we took. My husband is not present as he couldn't walk as far as we had for the pictures. Also missing are my sons Buke, Bryan, and my daughter Samantha. With a busy family it is rare we can get everyone together for photos so these will just have to do.

Dennise, Deanna, Dorothy, and my grand daughter Lilly.

My grand daughterLilly

Dorothy, Deanna, Lilly, and Dennise


Dorothy, Deanna, and Lilly skipping.

Dorothy, Lilly, and Deanna running.

Dorothy just hanging around.

Dennise taking some time for a self portrait.

Lilly and Mama (Me)

Dorothy and Lilly

As you can see not all pictures come out great but look at these faces. 

At least in this one they were all looking in the same direction just not the cameras.

Deanna and Dorothy

Dorothy pretending to be a Turkey

Dennise and I

Our first time using the timing feature but here we all are. 

I think this came out really well.

Dennise said hey mom and I looked back at her.

Hope you enjoyed our Autumn Pictures.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back on my feet again.

Almost a month has gone by and there has been so much that has happened. I guess I will start with first and foremost, then work from there.

I have been battling severe pain under my ribs on the right side in on my back for over 4 weeks. I tried heat, resting, and working through it. Nothing worked and it was getting worse so yesterday I broke down and went to the Dr.

Thankfully it is not my kidneys which already have damage from when I was younger, but I do have a big knot near my spine in the back that will not loosen and has been causing all of the pain. My Dr. ordered muscle relaxers and said if after a week I am not showing improvement then I will start physical therapy. So as I am writing this I have a heating pad on my back and trying to take it easy.

I took the muscle relaxers yesterday afternoon and they made me really drowsy, then another before I went to bed. I know I made it into bed but other then that I must have been out really fast because the next thing I know the kids were getting ready for school and arguing about something to do with shoes. I fell back to sleep and the next time I looked up it was 9:41 and 10:10 before I was up and out of bed.

So here I am trying to catch up on everything with my blogs that I was doing minimal work on for the last month, and we won't even go into how backed up my email is. I am just thankful that I am still alive and well, being able to be here for my family. God is good.