Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Marksville has been up too.

I can't believe we are half way through the summer and I haven't posted since my grand daughters Birthday so I will give you all a little update.
In June Dorothy Graduated from Kindergarten, and she received the Sunshine award. Her teacher made a great video of the kids, and even sent a letter over the summer asking us to update her on what the kids did over the summer. I believe I said this before, but my girls had some awesome teachers this year.
Below you can see Dorothy at her table after graduation in her classroom.
I was able to save up for my kitchen island which you can see below. My kitchen is coming along well. Only need a few more things to make it complete.
Also in June we had Deanna's 10 1/2 Birthday Party. Since her Birthday is in the middle of the winter and our winters have been pretty unpredictable we decided to do half birthday's for her. I think it turned out pretty well.
She had wanted a Princess Castle Cake which I made for her below.
Below you can see our mini sliders which we put on little rolls. The girls gobbled them up.
Here are all of the girls doing a pyramid in our living room.
As you can see they were ear to ear smiling the whole time.
Lots of fun and laughter for everyone.
Our biggest thing so far this summer was a visit from one of my bio sister's Penny and her family. They came all the way up from Virgina to visit with us.
We all met where my oldest sister Bonnie lives, and had a great day.
There never seems to be enough time to visit with each other, and a big dream of mine is to get a picture with all of my bio sisters someday.
Life is way to short not to enjoy the time you have with your family and loved ones.
From left to right top Me, Dennis, Bonnie, Daniel, Penny, Mason, Hana, Samantha
From left to right bottom Deanna, Dorothy, Myra, Dennise, Lillyann, and David.
Missing is my sister Bonnies kids Peter, and Dawn, and my two boys, Dennis III(Buke) and Bryan.
Most of the rest of our summer has been taken up with physical therapy for Dennis, Summer school for the girls, my merchandising job, watching Lilly, shopping, and going to many parties for our friends and family.
We have had time to have fun though. A trip to the mall, Build a Bear, several Movies, eating out, and having friends over.
Being busy is what we do.
Hope your summer is going well and would love to hear about what your family has been up too.