Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Not sure if everyone knows that I have other blogs here or not but in case you are interested you can . find them over at MarksvilleandMe. I will try and work on adding page tabs to the top here so it will be easier for my readers to see everything I have on the internet but until then you can see everything I have by visiting MarksvilleandMe which has all of the tabs to my blogs. Thank you again for your support throughout the years.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Financial Melt Down in Marksville

Shortly after my last post things seemed to all fall apart.  My husband's checks were missing from the post office as were mine, which caused a snowball effect since most of our bills are automatic payments which come out of our account it went bad real fast. Just days before this happened, I was driving our van with our girls inside and the breaks just stopped working. I took it right away to the repair shop and they fixed it and got me on my way of course I wrote a check knowing our money would be in the bank that Monday. Yep it wasn't there, this is when the checks were missing. Big mess. Now on top of all of that our rent was late, and I mean really late.

Then I noticed that my husband's unemployment had not been deposited for a few weeks and that made things even worse. Our financial outlook was in the dumps really bad, we saw red everywhere with no black in site.

The rest of November and most of December we were in a state of panic to pay the landlord, the car repair shop, our other bills, keep food on the table, and of course get a few gifts for my oldest two children as well as my  mother-in-law. Everyone else was taken care of and Dennis and I can always wait till Birthday time to spoil ourselves a bit, but it was just weighing heavy on everyone including our children.

During this time we fought a bit more then I would like to admit, but thankfully we are a big family and we helped each other get through the yelling, tears, and frustration. Money started to roll in again and we were able to pay almost everything off except our landlord. We still have one more set of checks this month which will go to pay our landlord and our telephone/internet bill. Then we will be pretty much back on track.

We are still awaiting my husband's gas reimbursement from his insurance company which was received by them the first week of September. They assure us they are working on it. The last time we sent one in, it only took them 15 days to get it done. We have a whole bunch more to give them but won't until they cut the last check. I am thankful that his lawyer and his insurance company have been so good to him while he is injured but sometimes even we get a bit impatient.

I will get to how Christmas was later but wanted you to know that God blessed us and all worked out, we made it through a rough time. Thankfully we didn't have to borrow from anyone. God knows we do not like to owe anyone anything. I know the few people we do owe. That list consists of two people, wonderful friends how helped us out in our time of need who I keep putting on the back burner. We also came up with plans to safe guard as much as possible in case this should happen again, of course after we get back on track fully from this mess first. It does pay to prepare and thankfully my couponing and stockpiling sure were a great help during this time. I am ever thankful for God giving me the means to be able to do this for our family. Time and again it has shown it's worth.