Friday, January 28, 2011

Last Friday of the First Month of 2011

I was up early this morning helping the kids get ready for school. Once they were out the door I laid back down and took a bit of a nap till I had to get up, which wasn't all that long. See today was my Dorothy's family day at school. It is the one day of the month where the parents are invited in, although we can show up any time, it is just a set date so for those who would like to come can also hang with other parents and get to know one another. These are one of my favorite activities, making friends.

When I was ready to go I put on my gloves, grabbed my keys, and my card so I could stop and get milk on the way home. Soon as I opened the door I noticed that my van was covered with snow, and ice. Unlocked the van, started the engine, fished around for the scrapper, brush combo, and comenced clearing the windshield off while the heat from the inside of the van joined in helping. Once cleared hopped in and would only be a few minutes late for me, but really you can come in any time. I just like to be the first there and the last to leave.

Found a parking spot, hurried to the front of the school to be greeted by one of my favorite people greeters. Her name happens to be the same as mine and is in our family through marriage on both sides actually. Strange but true, well she just loves my keyrings (they have my name on them). So of course I show her the new one my husband got for me as a gift, and she reminds me to tell my husband the next time make sure he picks her one up too. We chat a little about how the kids are doing, how my Samantha is coming along, and then it is time for me to get upstairs and join in with all the fun.

When I first get to the classroom I look right away for the sign in sheet for the volunteers, I didn't see one so I saught out the teacher who had forgotten to put one out. There were parents already milling around and doing some acivities so I got to sign first, then passing it onto the next parent, or daughter in this case. Samantha takes time out of her schedule to be there for Dorothy on the family days. Dennise has only been able to come to one, Dennis 2, me everyone of them. I do have to mention you get points for being a volunteer for just about anything and it also helps out with funding for the classroom.

This month they had a winter theme, so they had ice fishing (a silver mat of sorts with magnetic fish on it with poles made out of pencils, string, and magnets to catch the fish with, Polor Bear or Penguin craft, Dorothy chose the Polar Bear, then making mittens in which Samantha had to make one too, never too old to have fun with arts and crafts I say. They also had a water table with the water dyed blue, and of course the Riff books were there for the kids to pick out. The smiles on the kids when they get to pick a book out to keep for their very own is always a blessing to see.

As always I had some wonderful conversation with parents and teachers, time flew by and it was time for first Samantha to get to her testing and for me to head home. I said my good byes, giving Dorothy a big wet one on her forehead, then off to get some milk before returning home for the day.

Samantha had a friend coming over, which ended up getting home before her so Dennis and I chatted, getting to know each other, and making them feel welcome. Samantha got home a short time later, walked Princess, introduced Princess to her friend. It was love at first site but of course for Saint Bernards that comes naturally anyways. Her friend stayed till a while after the kids got home from school, and I started writing my tow blogs for here.

What I got accomplished today was being with my daughter at Family Day, meeting a friend of Samantha's, talking to freinds and teachers, and a load of dishes, so it is time for me to get some clothes folded and think about dinner. I hear the kids playing a game of Candy Lane, I am in for the next game I think we are playing chutes and ladders. Thank you for stopping by today and hope to blog here more often.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

She Speaks Select Harvest kit #3 and my winners.

I was asked by to try out Campbell's Select Harvest Soups. We picked out 4 different varieties. We tried Caramelized French Onion which tasted like a French Onion soup minus the bread and melted cheese, The Chicken with Egg Noddles which my daughter loved, the Minestone which was quite good, but lacked a bit of flavor, then there was the Light Maryland-Style Crab which no one liked, it was too fishy. Our cats and dog would not even eat it. I also had to explain in a video how I maintain a balanced lifestyle. To this I wrote:

I maintain a balanced lifestyle by mixing work with pleasure, I work very hard to provide a loving home for my family, making sure most of their meals are healthy and full of flavor. I also know as a mother that is you don't take time for yourself you can't take care of your family. During ME time I use warm baths, reading, and meditating which often includes prayer to round out my day. We also take time as a family to have a little fun from time to time. We enjoy watching movies together, laughing, and spending time together, be it just a day out shopping, or visiting friends or family. I hope everyone in your family enjoys trying Campbell's Select Harvest soups as much as our family did.

I decided with my two left over coupons I would send them to two of the sweetest friends I have here on Gather who have helped me out in so many ways. I do wish to give more to others as I do more kits, and trials for companies but this is my first so if you would like to see the winners please follow me over to One Mothers Account of daily life.

Now that you are here my winners are going to each recieve a coupon to try Campbell's Healthy Harvest Soups for free, and I will also throw in a potluck of other coupons from my stash that they might like to redeem. Drum roll please.

Congratulations to

Marsha S.
for being winners. Thank you for all of the help you girls have given me and good luck to all of my other friends on blogspot and gather, you might be my next winner.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Always being a Mother

My son called today from New York City. I was wondering if he made it down there with all the ice, luckily he had taken a train so he made it there safe and sound. Some of you know that my son is a practicing Magician he is quite well known in these parts but is just starting to spread out of our county. He is attending a convention today and will be returning sometime tomorrow. He called to ask if I wanted anything, what a sweetie. I told him if something said mommy all over it (something that screams my name) then pick me up something. I told him to be careful, guard his money, and call me when he gets home. He said yes mom to all of the above, and our conversation was over. I have to tell you I am a country girl through and through and just the thought of him in the Big Apple is more then I can handle, but also know that my son needs to spread his wings if he is ever going to make it in the entertainment business.

A mother who cares and loves her children never stops wondering if her children are warm, fed, happy, sheltered, or safe. I am sure I could ramble off a never ending list to fill a whole page and still not be done, with what a mother does for her children. My Mother did teach me that you have to prepare them for the real world that they will have to live in someday, and in doing that they will be prepared to face what ever life gives them, be it good or bad, and still have a smile on their face at the end of the day, knowing that they had the knowledge to do it on their own. We as mothers will not always be here to pick up the pieces for our children but we can leave behind the knowledge we have to them so that they have all the building blocks to put it together with their own little twist on it.

As a child I asked my mother, "mommy will you always be here for me" . She answered Pam I will always be in your heart but someday I will have to leave this earth and until then it is my job to make sure that I leave you with the smarts to take care of yourself one day without my help. Believe me some days are really rough with out her, but when I take a minute to think about her I am almost always ready to go on with life, with renewed strength. With the things I am not sure about I pull from the knowledge she left me and wing it from there, putting my own little twist on things. I know I have made and will make mistakes but who doesn't. No one is perfect, not one.

In leaving you today I leave you with the knowledge that what you do today to prepare your children for tomorrow will make a big difference on how they see the world, treat people, respond to trials and tribulations, and survive the unthinkable. As a parent what you instill in your child is not full proof. I have seen really good kids come from really bad parents, demented grown ups come from well to do I did everything perfect parents, along with really smart people from some who didn't know if they were coming or going, so don't take it personally when your child acts in a way that you know had nothing to do with how you raised them. It takes you raising them, then they have to make choices with what you gave them, put it with what they want to do, making a whole new person who thinks, acts, and moves through the world with their own little twist on life.

Leaving you today with always being a Mother in Marksville.