Thursday, March 29, 2012

Busy Busy Marksville

Marksville has been very busy so I apologise for the delay in posting an update. First I would love to invite you over to my other blog site Pam's Place To Win A Give A Way, and enter my very first sponsored give a way for Print Runner. This will be a quick post as Buke is coming over to visit for a while. He doesn't get over half as much as I would like him to visit. I think we visit him more, but out schedules keeps us from doing it as often as we would like.

I have a appointment with the Surgeon for my neck next week, and Dennis starts Physical Therapy for his knee. On top of that we have a bunch of Birthdays and school functions coming up in the next month along with Easter. Some how we have managed to never have an Easter Egg hunt, but this year Dorothy and Deanna asked so they are going to have one. We will have to get a little something for the older ones too, they like chocolate too.

I know the kids are excited about the upcoming Easter Egg hunt at the Park and being able to have a chance to find the Golden Easter Egg as well as getting pictures with the Easter Bunny. I picked up some new stories about Jesus and his resurrection so they have that to go with their Easter Flicks. In past years we have just had a big dinner on Easter, some chocolate, while most importantly reminding the kids that the day was really about Jesus and what he gave for us, rather then the Easter Bunny, with tons of candy, and toys. Not that we don't love candy because we do, but I wanted my kids to understand what it means for their faith.

This year I am making the long awaited Easter baskets I have been wanting to make for years. The one that I have been telling everyone about but haven't made them myself. Should be fun and Dorothy and Deanna will be surprised too. I think I might even make Lilly a little one just for her too. Well my son should be here any minute so I want to get the camera ready so we can get some nice pictures. So with that you have pictures of the baskets, and of course the visit with my son coming up, for a future post. Have a great day everyone and hope to update you again really soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

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