Sunday, June 29, 2014

Two Months Later

I apologize yet again for this post being so very far from the last one, a little over 2 months. My medicine has kicked in and things are going much better, so I have been playing catch up. My husband, two older daughters and I are working on losing weight, so far so good. Being on my medicine has made a big difference. Dennise, Deanna, and Dorothy just finished up school on Thursday, plans for summer are underway.

We have so much to be thankful for but will get to those in the next few nights to catch everyone up, with what has been going on here in Marksville.

First of all for the first time in several years both of my email boxes are at Zero! Can you believe it? I thought I would never get there. My next goal is to work on my blogging a bit more over at MarksvilleandMe, which if you go there know I have kept that a bit more updated as well as Pam's fight to lose weight. Like I said we have been busy and I have done very little other then those posts.

With my emails being at Zero I have much more time to do things like blog and maybe even read a book for fun. My fibromyalgia had kept me from enjoying much of anything until that is my medicine kicked in. I still have some rough days, more then I like to admit, but my husband loves to see me enjoying things a little more now that the pain isn't as bad every day. I have more then 3-4 good days a month now which is a god send for my family, house, and self.

Today I  was able to get dishes done, laundry washed, dinner ready, and delegated the rest of the chores  to my ever hard working kids, and husband. I do need to get some rest, have a pretty busy day tomorrow, so I will leave you with this short post and will continue to update you tomorrow. Have a great week everyone!