Wednesday, July 23, 2014

YouTube & FlyLady Saved Us Hundreds of Dollars

First of all I might have mentioned this before but our dryer stopped working a few months back. We have been looking and looking and finally decided on one but then I didn't want to put the money out because we had a slow down of income. Like I said just when you get used to having money it stops coming in.

Anyways I have been Flying with the FlyLady and in one of the emails I received one of the customers were writing a review for a product which was the Dryer Lint Kit , but it got me to thinking. Let me do a search on Google to see if it is something that is easy enough for my husband to fix.

The first thing that popped up was a YouTube video for the very same dryer we have .

My husband did everything the Video said to do to test our dryer and sure enough it worked. He then got on Ebay and found the parts we needed for under $40.00 shipped. This has saved us hundreds of dollars. I am so glad we held off on getting rid of it and buying a new one.

I have found more good in the internet then bad, which is why I am still here.

Has a online search ever saved your money?

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