Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Musicals and Plays

I told you I would be back and here I am. Been busy the last few days. Monday was pretty quite until my daughter Dennise got home and then we went to do my merchandising jobs and then out for girls night. Dennise  was recently in the Musical Les Miserables, by the Two of Us Productions

Here is the whole cast.

Here is my daughter holding the glasses used for one of the scenes. They kept falling off until she came up with the brilliant idea to put pieces of Play-Doh on the bottom of the glasses to hold them to the tray.

The Theatre Association of NY State has recognized their production of LES MISERABLES with 8 awards, including:
Outstanding ensemble work to the Company
Outstanding musical performance to the Orchestra

Dennise ran into another lady from Les Miserables and she gave her a secret code to get free tickets to see another play in another state.
The cost of the tickets would have been $90.00
Something we could just have not swung.
She took a chance on calling and sure enough there were seats left and she asked if she could get two. Bingo they said two tickets would be waiting for us when we got there.

When I was done with my jobs we had enough time to stop by Friendly's for dinner. The food was great but not for our diets.

Dennise took the lovely photo below while we were waiting for our food to come.

Below you can see us waiting for it to be time to go in to get our tickets. See how excited we are and of course my daughter's Les Miserables shirt. She had to represent. 

The play we saw was The Mystery of Irma Vep-A Penny Dreadful by Charles Ludlam. Directed by Aaron Mark. Staring Broadway Actor, Bill Bowers and Tony Award-nominated, Tom Hewitt. Between the Two of them they played 8 Charactors.

We were given balcony seats which as some of you may know might be good or they might be bad.
Ours were right in the front and I would say they were about the best seats in the house.

We could not take any photos during the play but I can tell you it was funny and the whole show was put on by two actors. Yes only 2 and there were tons of costume change overs. Amazing work to say the least. 

Here is a picture Dennise with Bill Bowers.

I have to also add that we were lucky because the night we went after the play the audience was able to ask questions and hear the answers from the Actors. It was great and a night we will all remember.

By the way for anyone who doesn't know Dennise will be a Senior next year and will be continuing her education in a College of the Arts.

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