Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to School and Beyond

As always time gets a way from me, but honestly my blog has taken off and I couldn't be more delighted. I am ever thankful to my readers and I am currently working on two giveaways that will be starting soon. On top of that I have had reviews to do and more on their way for me to review. I love to write about my family as most of you can tell, and I love to talk, so writing is just natural for me to do. Now to just keep up with everything else in my life and I will be all set.

We have continued to do a little school shopping here and there. Deanna's book bag came in, just waiting on Dorothy's to come in. I did buy a few shirts for Dennise, and one for Deanna. I also love the Garanimal line so I picked up a few things for Dorothy as well.

We hope to make one trip to the mall for clothes in late August, early September to pick up a few things, but other then that we have ordered pretty much everything online, or picked things up here and there as we were doing our regular shopping.

I get a little excited for back to school even if we don't have much money to do a lot with, which happens to be right around now. Thankfully my husband's workman's comp is still coming in but his Unemployment is under a new coverage for him going back to college so now he has to have his teacher fill out a paper, she sends it to us in a email, we print it out, then we have to take it to a place where we can fax it back to unemployment, so the money does not come on time which has messed with our finances a bit, which always gets me a bit up tight until I remember to trust in God.

Thankfully I have had gift cards that I have collected from the beginning of the year from all of the sites I do and have been able to get quite a bit of what the kids have needed. As for school this month I have to pay for Soccer for Dorothy and Deanna, Dorothy needs new cleats and shin guards, as well as making sure that we have money set aside for the second day of school the day they will be taking the High School pictures. Why they can't wait a couple of weeks I have no clue, but this is how their school does it.

Dennise is a Senior and I remember most of the things we have to pay for from our other two graduating so as long as money keeps coming in we should be OK. My husband will be done with summer II classes soon and will begin his Fall Semester in College. Hard to believe next spring we will have two graduates in our house. My daughter Dennise from High School, and my husband from College. He does hope to transfer after spring semester...God willing. We are trusting in God that if that is what he is supposed to do everything will fall in place.

When my husband fell and was injured at work our whole world was turned upside down, and believe it or not most of it has been for the better. God is Good.

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