Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My sink is shiny!

     Some of my readers might know what the name of my post means. I have been flying in and out for years. Mostly out because of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, and my weak immune system. I have my good days and bad days. It doesn't matter though because Fly Lady says "You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?", and that works for me. 

     It took a long time to grasp that because I am a perfectionist at heart, and someone who won't start projects until I have just the right materials to get it done. Believe me I still fight with my perfectionism more times then I can count, but slowly I am starting to slow down and enjoy the life I have with my family.

     With FlyLady's system which is free for all you start out with BabySteps and work up to flying. I think I like her system so much because it reminds me of the things my mother did as I was growing up. It worked for her and now someone else was doing the same exact thing she did. It just amazed me and I know for sure my mom was older then the FlyLady so she didn't get it from her. 

    My mother did most of her cleaning 15 minutes at a time because she just couldn't clean any longer then that because of her medical problems. She would rest for a bit and then get back up and do some more until she was done.

     Me I have always been the one that has to do all or nothing. I also have a problem with cooking in my kitchen if everything is not wiped down before starting dinner, which means there can be no dishes, and the counters even if they were already cleaned have to be cleaned again. Then dinner is started. 

     In the past on the good days I would be in a whirlwind to get everything on my list done before I ran out of steam, but it just didn't work, leaving me feeling useless when days or weeks would go by and nothing was really done in the house, and it was all just piling up around me. 

     Don't get me wrong my kids helped when they felt like it, but they grew up with me being sick and knew when I was feeling good I would get it all done so they didn't try to hard. As for my husband he can clean and cook, but he wasn't really seeing how hard it was for me to keep up with everything until he had an accident at work in early 2013. That is when his eyes opened to how painful it was for me to get things done. 

     My husband was used to me cleaning non-stop and keeping things pretty much spotless. So as the years went by and the pain got worse, things were getting backed up, I just blamed it on having 6 kids to look after He  just thought I was being lazy. 

    He still struggles with seeing me in pain, because in the past I was always the one to get things done right, and now I depend on him more and more to help me when those bad days, still way to often happen. I didn't think he noticed me reading my FlyLady emails but he did. He said I always see you interacting with the site. This surprised me. I told him a little about it and why I liked it so much and he is standing behind my endeavors to Fly High with the other FlyBabies, and FlyLadies, because it makes makes me happy.

     Now most people who know me from when I was younger knew I was very organized and tidy, but once my father died in 2001, things changed and it wasn't too long before my mother followed my father in 2004. Big changes happened inside me because the two most important people in my life were gone. Yes I love my husband and my children, but it just is not the same love you have for your parents.

    I lost a big chunk of me when they died and a little over a year ago I started working on bringing me back. It has been a long road but step by step I am making my way back to being me. 

If you want to find out more about what a Shiny Sink is or more about FlyLady then visit the sites below.

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