Friday, July 4, 2014

Dorothy Bridging from Daisies to Brownies.

It seems like only yesterday I was signing Dorothy up for Girls Scouts, now here it is two years later, the end of one level and onto another.

Here is our Troop while they are still Daisies. Aren't they cute? We got the rest of our badges on this evening so there will be two more pictures posted in another blog soon.

Each girl had their turn walking over the Bridge starting off as Daisies and ending with becoming Brownies. 

As you can see some of the girls like Dorothy were very happy to be Brownies.

Our party started at 5:30 and we all left well after 9:30. The girls had a great time as did the parents who attended. Great food, fun, and conversation. 
You would never know by the pictures that Dorothy was the first and only one to spill blood that night not once but twice. 
First was her her second tooth coming out, and the second was the hammock coming back and causing her to bite her lip. 
Didn't take her long to be back up running and playing with the kids. 
I so love how resilient children can be.
I hope years from now Dorothy and the rest of her troop will remember these times together.

Congratulations Girls!
June 27, 2014


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