Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More then a little busy

OK more then a little busy. School has ended and Summer is in full swing. The girls have spent most of their summer riding bikes, swimming, and going to Summer School. Dennise isn't going to summer school so she has been spending time with her friends and sister on top of swimming.

I had hoped to buy a new bike for Dennise she hasn't had one in a few years, and one for me so the girls and I could all ride together, helping me loose weight, while spending time doing something active together, but it just didn't happen. Maybe next year.

Between my jobs and Dennis being in college we have fit a few fun things in. We had a few things planned that might not happen now, but we are adaptable and will persevere. We have plenty of free or almost free things planned to somewhat make up for our plan changes.

I just went through a few weeks with my knee acting up, then a few good days, to my back being out for three days and counting now, although it does feel better tonight. Let's see how it feels tomorrow before I say it is all better.

Even with all of that we did manage as a family to spruce up a few things and declutter a few places in the house that needed work on. I really should get in the habit of taking before and after shots so you all can see the difference.

When we moved here 7 years ago we had boxed all of our DVD's up, we had some in a pull out drawer of a bunk bed for a while until we got rid of it then they went back into boxes. My husband bought me new shelves for our DVD and CD collection as a Christmas present. He put them together and we just pretty much threw all of the DVD's and CD's on the shelves in no particular order. It was not pleasing to look at.

My lovely daughter Dennise decided to do the whole job herself putting all of the movies in alphabetical order. When my husband and I left today to take our vehicle for it's first oil change and tire rotation, as well as a trip to Sam's club, while throwing in a visit to the movie theater, we combined date night into our errands, there were still movies everywhere between the dining room and living room.

When we returned not only did the girls already put out the garbage but the movies were all put on the shelves, the dishes were washed, and the little ones were all in bed. I am a very proud mother in deed.
We have been trying to work on the girls being more respectful. I know in public they can be Angels, well most of the time anyways, but behind closed doors they fight like cats and dogs, and they have mouths of a Sailor.

I am forever telling them to stop swearing, but it is hard when your husband swears and yes even I have sworn from time to time. It started about the time my oldest started swearing when he was a teenager. Before that I didn't swear that much. I still don't swear a lot but it can get out of hand when it is all you hear.

We may be a Christian family and know better, but it doesn't mean we don't make mistakes. If we didn't make mistakes we wouldn't be human. So I guess some of what we have been trying to tell the kids is sinking in and eventually they will use intelligent ways to communicate to each other instead of yelling. Please pray for our family to become closer and kinder to each other.

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