Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back to school physicals and shopping have started.

Dorothy had her physical today. She is 6 1/2 and ready to enter 2nd grade. She is a whole 50 1/2 pounds and grew a whole four and a half inches. The Dr. said most kids her age average about two and a half inches in a year. We thought she would be short but who knows. I guess time will tell. 

While we were there Dennise saw the other Dr. to get new medication for her allergies. They have been giving her a ride for the money all summer long. Mine seem to come and go depending on where we are or what we are doing. So far I have gotten through with no medications.

My back is getting better just taking it easy just in case for a while. Hard to believe in a little over a month the girls will be returning to school. The vacations seem to go by too quickly. We have started out back to school shopping already. 

This week was underwear shopping, and we got a few notebooks that Dennise wanted for school. 

I do a little school supply shopping each week taking advantage of the great sales. I also take each week or every other week and pick up clothes for the girls. We did socks about two weeks ago. Next will be book bags if needed, and then shoes, followed by clothes. 

I think we have it down to one store to get Dorothy and Deanna's clothes from and one or two for Dennise depending on what we can find. We don't have as much money as we had last year so we have to be a bit careful with our spending. The girls are pretty adaptable so I am sure all will work out. 

Hoping to get a few things I need in the clothing department as well as new sneakers for my husband, as he is attending college himself. Learning is a lifelong process and something I always look forward to myself. 

How do you all do back to shopping? All at one time, spread out, early, or last minute? Chime in below. 

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