Thursday, May 2, 2013

The week is coming to an end.

Sunday we were able to see Dennise in "Guys and Dolls". It was fun to see her sing at the beginning, and then act throughout the musical. The drama club did a great job, much better then I had thought they would.

Monday we headed out early so I could do my job, then to physical therapy for Dennis. Once we were done there we headed out to celebrate our Birthdays, with a stop in between to visit Bryan for a while.

Dennis stopped at several Game Stops while out and about, We got a 60 day pass for BJ's in the mail so we took advantage of that and bought a few things there. Went to lunch at Panera bread, loved it and got a free treat with my card.

We stopped by our favorite furniture store to do a little dreaming for down the road a bit. Fell in love with a couch there, and actually got to see the wall unit I have had bookmarked up close and in person. Dennis approved but it wouldn't fit in our currant Living room, but like I said before a little dreaming. While there we also looked at a new mattress for us. Not that we can get it now but we will be in the market in the next few years. We left with sizes, and layout plans to maybe return sometime in the future and order.

We had dinner after visiting Bryan at Olive Garden. It was one of the worst experiences we have ever had. Dennis did write them a long letter on how things were. Let's see if they make things right. Then we were off to the mall.  I picked out a new purse and wallet. Dennis bought me a new cover for my new upgraded cell phone as well.

I picked up some things for the girls at Claires while Dennis was checking out more games at another store. Then we met and saw a movie. Pain and Gain, much more different then what we had expected. It was too late to get dessert at Cheese Cake Factory so we settled with stopping at Walmart and while looking through the store we ate some Ice Cream. It was a wonderful ending to quite the Busy Birthday Celebration.

Tuesday we opened presents with the kids. I bought Dennis a Candle making kit. He has always melted down our old wax so that he could someday make candles but never bought wicks to do it. Now he has a whole kit. Wonder what he will make first. He bought me comic books that early in our marriage he had sold of mine without permission. He is a keeper for sure.

Wednesday was the big day for Dennis to turn 41. Yes we are only a day apart. If both of our parents had gone to the same hospital we would have met each other then. My mother-in-law had stopped by while Dennis was still asleep with our cards. She still hasn't gotten anything for the girls for their birthdays though. Later in the evening we had cake and blew out the one candle the kids put in the cake. I ended up going to bed very early. Been very tired lately.

Today we went over did my job and then spent the rest of the day cleaning, and relaxing. We had breakfast for dinner, and the kids actually made it to bed on time. Go figure. Will be heading to bed myself soon. Have another busy day tomorrow and actually the rest of the weekend. There is always lots going on here in Marksville. Have a good night everyone.

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