Friday, May 31, 2013

Lilly's 2nd Birthday and Cake orders.

We recently celebrated my grand-daughter Lilly's 2nd Birthday and a few months ago she picked out some cupcakes she wanted me to make.
Of course I made her Elmo her favorite Guy. I made them with chocolate cake mix, then used red icing, for the mouth I used Oreo cookies, the nose orange M&M's , and the eyes were white frosting with mini chocolate chips for the eyeballs.

And added Cookie Monster too since she loves him too. Cookie monster was made with white cake mix adding in mini chocolate chips because they are Cookie monster's favorite with, blue frosting. We used mini chips ahoy for the mouth, with white frosting for the eyes and mini chocolate chips for the eyeballs.
Here she is miss Lilly all ready to open presents.
We got her Cookie monster, and Elmo backpacks. I didn't take pictures of the Elmo outfit, Sponge Bob outfit, Sesame Street socks, Elmo cup or snack box we bought her, but we did get pictures of her favorites.

She had to put Elmo on right away

Here she is already to eat her yummy cupcakes.

Once people saw these cupcakes I had a few people put in requests for other things. One being the Butterfly Cake I had made a few years ago for Dorothy's birthday. As you can see I need lots of help with lettering but otherwise I think it came out well.
Until the next time I make care I bid you farewell.

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