Sunday, May 26, 2013

Where did the month go?

In our home it can go in the blink of an eye depending on how busy we are and this month we were very busy. I picked up a second job or third job if you count my home child care business. Luckily right now all I have is my grand daughter so she goes along with me or stays with Papa while I am working. We have my husband's physical therapy, shopping, school performances, school activities, Daisies, after school activities, Dr.'s appointments and any other thing that comes along.

There aren't many days in the month where the girls don't have at least one friend overnight, which doesn't bother me. My house runs smoother with each and every addition. I think it just keeps me going. The house is getting more organized by the day.

We had kind of a rough go with it early on because my husband's check didn't show up and we ended up being late with rent, and got down to pennies in the bank. Ok we had one overcharge fee but it could have been much worse. Matter of fact we just got the check on Friday which was much needed and caught us back up with everything. Of course we got his second check a few days before the late check. Now to pay the other bills I put off waiting on the first check.

I have had a few painful days myself this month but mainly from over doing it. I am finding out how much I can push myself before it causes me pain. Like I said I am doing things that I haven't done in over 6 years. I even planted some tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash,  and red peppers, now to sit back and see if we will be able to harvest. We had one tomato plant last year that was given to us and it did well so we added a few more plants this year.

Dennis had planned to make me raised gardens so I didn't have to bend over so much but with his injury that didn't happen. He does plan to get it done by next year though. While on the subject some of my friends from other sites know that I have tried to grow inside plants with no luck, so I am trying my hand on outside plants, if they do well, then I will try on inside plants again.

Even with everything being slow at the beginning of the month I was still able to save enough to get my kitchen island. Now for the girls to bring it in, and Dennis to put it together. He can do things that don't take much standing so this is right up his alley. He said he might even take his friends suggestion and paint from a chair so he can get some of the painting in the living room done, and if everything goes well he is going to touch up Deanna's room so her room will be finished.

Someday we will get to our room but until then as long as they kids are taken care of and I have a bed to sleep on I am fine. By the way the next thing I am saving for is two new desks for Dennis and I. I love being able to bookmark or pin things I would like to get. I should make a dream board if I ever have the time.

Today the girls are going to try to swim up at the state park. Yesterday it was raining and they were bummed they couldn't go. I think it is too cold, but hey they love to swim and the school pool is still closed because they can't get the water right for some reason, so more power to them to keep up with the things they love to do. Dorothy didn't go because I know it is too cold for her, besides that I think she might be getting sick. Dennis is sleeping in as we didn't go to bed before 4:30 am. I looked at the clock and said oh my didn't know it was that late and we were off to bed.

I have already cleaned, swept, and mopped the upstairs bathroom. Princess has been walked and fed, now it is time to change out the laundry and do the few dishes that were on the counter as I passed them this morning. I have clothes to fold and hope to get back in the computer room to go through more papers. I think that is about it for us. Will have another post up in a few, God willing.

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