Sunday, May 26, 2013


I set the clock for 30 minutes last night so I could get a head start on cleaning up my papers so I can file them away. We bought a second filing cabinet last month so we could get everything where it needs to be. Of course with being busy and taking care of Lilly I didn't have much time to get anything done, other then getting my magazines in the bottom drawers. They still need to be sorted and put back in.

I usually read my magazines and just pull out the pages I like and file them. With pinterest I can find most of it online and just throw the magazine in the recycle bin when done, but like I said before I haven't really done this in the last 6 years so they kind of took over a few areas of the house. Ok two drawers in my filing cabinet but nothing that can't be fixed in time.

Since they are out of the way the next area is my desk. The never ending pile of mess that even when I clean gets taken over very quickly with our busy schedule. So that 30 minutes which turned into much longer really gave me the motivation to do it again today when I get the other things done on my list.

Before my father died I was very organized even with being sick most of my life, but as time went by I was able to do less and less while things kind of got out of hand in our home. Not anywhere near a hoarder, as my husband and I like everything where it belongs, but enough to make us feel our house was dirty. The only thing that kept my husband sane about it all was when he would see other peoples houses with either the same problem or worse. Worse is always better to make you feel like you haven't gotten to that point yet, which is also a motivator, but he would still sometimes lose it and of course me feeling like a failure because I didn't have the energy to keep up with it didn't make things any better.

It took my husband a very long time to realize that something was really wrong with me, he was in denial for a long time, he has seen me unwell more then well so I am sure it had put a toll on him as well, but now that the Dr. has figured out once again something that is wrong with me, we have made progress, and when I get things done or do things he hasn't seen me do in a very long time he tells me how proud of me he is.

He still has days when he blows up about something small, but his injury has helped him realize that sometimes no matter how much you really want to do something, when you are in pain, or can't move a body part the way you would like, it isn't that you don't want to do something, it is that you can't do it, or need a little extra help doing something that should only take one person to do, and that has helped him with his own inner soul healing path.

Speaking of motivation I need to get moving, but like everything else my blog and readers were missing me. Hope you all are motivated by my writing to do a little at a time and you will be surprised by just how much you can get done.

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