Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dennise turns 16.

Like I said last weekend was busy. Friday Dennis had physical therapy, plus we had to pick up things for my daughter's party for Sunday. We went to Sam's club, picked up my camera, and then ate at the Chinese Buffet.
Saturday I cleaned the house and got things ready for my daughter's sweet sixteen. Totally sucks that we couldn't give her the huge party we had planned, but with my husband out of work it just didn't work out. It all turned out well though. We ended out running out again because of all things I forgot to get ice cream and soda for the party. I told you I couldn't remember.
She had several friends come and spend the night. There was no Drama, it was wonderful hearing all of the girls laughing together and seeing my daughter smile. It doesn't take lots of money to make her happy. Spending time with her friends and family was the best gift she could receive.
Sunday was the big day. I made her cake which was a orange mustache cake, which by the way came out pretty well, and thank God we didn't have a huge party there was no way it would have been enough. My daughter wanted my famous pudding frosting and everyone loved it. I even had to send a piece over to one of our neighbors/friends fathers so he could enjoy some.

This was early on in the day when the girls that had stayed the night were just waiting for others to show up.

Here she is below my Dennise. Her hair is not usually this light is it closer to my hair color and will be turned back normal at the end of summer. This was suppose to be the dress she wore for her big party. We told her to put it on and let us take some pictures.

 Two friends my daughter Samantha had to pick up later, my husband, myself and Samantha's boyfriend are missing from the photo.

 She might not have had a lot of friends or gifts but she said this was one of the best parties she has ever had, and her friends all said they had a great weekend too. One of the best they said. They were all sad for Dennise though that so many people who said they were going to come didn't.
Now this week she has been bringing home gifts from some of the friends who couldn't make it which was very sweet of them to do, and made Dennise very happy. She would have loved to share her special day with them as well, but at least they thought of her, and bought her gifts.
Happy Sweet Sixteen Sweetie.

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