Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday News from Marksville

Hello all, finally got a chance to check in with everyone. It has been busy here like usual, but with the Dorothy at her friends party, Dennise over helping out and visiting her friend, and Deanna playing with her friends, I might just have a few minutes to get something posted.

I had said something about Dorothy not feeling well in my last post and sure enough we ended up in the hospital with her on Sunday. I thought she had strep and was going to try and hold off until Tuesday when the Dr. office was open but by Sunday her fever was getting higher, and then she started to hold her side saying she couldn't breath, doubling over and then vomiting. I thought she might be having an appendicitis, as did the Dr, and when we got to the emergency room they were sure she was having one but the tests said she wasn't while her white blood count was through the roof.

They ended up doing a x-ray and found out that she had pneumonia which threw everyone off, and didn't coincide with her blood count so they looked further and even though her pee came back negative for an infection, they found  leukocytes in it so they gave her medicine that would cure both the pneumonia and urinary tract infection. By the time they medicated her, gave her fluids, and her antibiotic by intravenous, she had started to smile, sing. The Dr. said they didn't have to keep her as long as I checked in with the Dr. the next day and took her to see her regular Dr. on Tuesday which we did and he let her return to school on Wednesday. She does have to go in next week to have more blood tests because her white blood count being that high still has the Dr. on guard.

Deanna is gearing up for her 1/2 birthday and sent out her cards the other day. She is super excited to finally be having a party which she hasn't had since 1st grade. She is in 4th now. Things just kept coming up in the winter and holidays that just didn't make for having a successful birthday party, so we decided to do the 1/2 birthday celebration.

Dorothy is doing well at Daisies and really loves her friends, and getting together with other mom's is always good for me too. Next week they will be making Dog Biscuits to take to the Animal Shelter as well as old blankets and towels. I am sure they will all enjoy helping out the animals in need.

The other day we took the girls out to dinner at the Buffet near the mall and they talked Dennis into going inside the mall. He just went to game stop and then back to the car but I walked with the girls around the mall. Even though Dennise turned 16 in April she hasn't been anywhere where she could spend her money. I think after everything was said and done she has around 25.00 left.
We were lucky enough to find someplace where we could get her ear cartilage pierced. There is a place near by us but they never called back, or emailed so they lost our business. The next thing she is getting will be her nose pierced. Those are what she asked for besides the Keyboard I bought her that she has wanted for quite sometime.
Next year she will get her permit when she is 17 which is a tradition in our family so they can see how many accidents their friends have and it also gives them another year of maturing, which has worked out really well for both myself and my children so far. Don't fix what isn't broken I say.
Ok dinner is almost ready and the girls are waiting to go to the Flame concert at the school tonight. So will have to leave you for now. Enjoy reading.

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