Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday update

I left you with spring cleaning in Marksville. With our busy schedule I am still working on the spring cleaning part of it. Upstairs is next. Today I have laundry, and dishes to do. We have been very busy with appointments, birthdays, and school activities that I haven't been able to keep up here.

Deanna and Dorothy are playing outside enjoying the nice weather, while I have started a load of laundry and am going to start the dishes after this post. I have to also drop Dennise off at school for her third performance in "Guys and Dolls". I hope to be able to view it today.

I have taken the plunge and bought my own domain under if you re interested in checking it out. It is linked to my blogger so you can view it pretty much anytime. I am still working my other job and hope to pick up another one soon. With blogging and doing several other mystery shops on top of that I hope to be able to bring up what we are making so we can get things we would like and start saving money so if anything happens we have a little saved a  way to get us through.

Dennis is still out of work, they now have him off until June 1st, and I don't think he will be back to work after that either. He isn't off of the crutches yet and still has his brace on. The new brace is already wearing out. I hope that they will pay for new straps so that it will stay where it needs to be. It just slips off his leg when he is upright now.

His job is also talking about layoffs so they might be laid off before he even goes back to work unless they get some new orders. I guess if that happens he will at least have more time to heal properly and grow muscle in his leg, so that it is stronger. He just wants to be able to paint the rooms upstairs but isn't able to because he can't stand on his legs too long.

He has filled his time with playing games, and selling stuff on ebay that he had just laying around. He has done pretty well. He has even had buyers from China, Spain, Canada, and Japan.

The kids are doing well in school and soon we will have all of the spring concerts to attend. This  school year has gone by so fast, but any mother can understand how fast their child's life goes by and poof they are adults off doing the things they want to do and taking care of their own children.

My mother always said to enjoy them while they are little because it goes by quickly. Even though we have 6 children it just wizzes by and before you know it their child hood is gone. I am glad I took the time to sit and watch my children grow, and enjoy as much as I could of their time as children. So many wonderful memories flood to my mind when I think of them each and every day. Children really are our future.

Ok time for me to get the dishes done before dropping Dennise off. Have a great day everyone.

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