Friday, August 30, 2013

School Shopping is done

We went and officially finished school shopping the other day. Just a few years ago we only had about 50.00 to spend on each of our 6 children, and I have to give God all of the glory of being able to afford for the last few years clothing and supplies for my children. Yes I still look for the deals, but we were able to splurge on a few items for the kids, which made them really super excited about returning to school this year.

My couponing, rebating, and online work are really starting to pay off, and to think I am still small fries to other sites out there, but everyday we see growth and that is all that matters. I will ride this out as long as the good Lord sees fit. He has blessed us so much this year.

We also had time to stop in see Bryan dropping off bedding, posters, and socks that he needed. He is now in a private home with other boys. He can stay there until he is 18-21 or until he can get an apartment of his own, or decide to still come home. He will now be going to a public school and is quite excited to see how that goes.

Right now Bryan has a cast on his leg do to an injury he had shortly after moving to the private school, and for some reason the bone fused the wrong way which makes him walk with is foot sideways,so they are trying a cast first to re-position the foot before they decide to operate by re-breaking the bone and resetting it. They might even have to put in some hardware so that his foot will pivot the right way. They tried to say his foot was that way always but he had no problem walking and then after the fall on the basketball court at his school he never walked right again. So unless that injury caused the problem to surface they are full of it. Either way he is walking around on it so God willing it will heal without surgery.

It was nice to be outside for a change. the kids playing basketball, chase, and just had a all around good time. Leaving is always hard for me, but I know he is only a phone call away, and the next visit is only around the corner.

I try to make sure I always take my camera up when we visit so I can capture a picture, since I can't just take pictures anytime I would like. We took this picture as the sun was coming out and minutes later we were all sweating pretty bad from the heat. Thanks to the sweet lady who took our picture for us. Missing are Buke, Taylor, Samantha, and David.

Oh that is right Samantha and David worked things out and she is staying at the house with his family. That got us jump started on finishing Bryan's old room to make into a guest room for that just in case, and also for when Lilly spends the night.

I am proud to say that so far his room has gone from a hoarders dream to being totally cleaned out.It was OK when Lilly used it as a room while living here, but it was never totally emptied out until now. The kids were just throwing everything they didn't want into there they didn't know what to do with including, dirty clothes, papers, toys, and boxes. We did find a few things we had been looking for like scissors, towels, and some of my shirts, which were borrowed by my older two girls but never were returned.

Tonight I will be sweeping and mopping the room, and then Dennis is going to try and paint as long as his leg can take it. The room is one of the smallest and he can always sit down in between if he gets tired. We just want it done and usable. We have worked on so many things around the house this summer but it always seems like when you fix something you find something else that needs working on.

As for our landlord fixing things he stopped with his men leaving a big mess in our yard and our basement. Dennis and he had words and he knows now that he will not be paid rent until he gets everything done that he said he would. Some things go back 6 years while some things like the raining in our closet is new. It is time he spends more then a few days fixing our home up, then leaving before they are done, fixing things right, while making us happy renters.

MarksvilleandMe hopes everyone else who has children or who has to go to school is ready and that you too have something to look forward too.

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