Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A few more weeks

Wow a few weeks and then school will be starting here in Marksville, where does the time go? When you live in Marksville things are always busy. Big families take up a lot of time, not in a bad way, but in a great way.

I left off with the visit with my sisters Penny and Bonnie. I had missed out on meeting up with my cousin Mary and her husband Maurice from Canada, but luckily they are making another trip down here next week so we get to spend time together then.

Next week we will take a trip up to see Bryan in his new group home. He moved from the Private School to a group home, or will be hopefully by this Friday. While we are out I want to stop in and see my sister Bonnie, dropping her off things she doesn't have, but needs. Even though she lives in a assisted living home, they don't provide things like band aids, and I noticed that her heals are cracked really bad so I want to drop off some great cream and foot socks to help repair her feet.

Talking of moving. Samantha and David moved in with David's parents into one of my Dream Homes. Yes a home I have been eyeing for years, but from things Samantha has told me I wouldn't like much more then the space, Kitchen, and fireplaces, she said I would be really disappointed with the bathrooms, so I guess it really isn't my Dream Home after all, besides when they remodeled it they tore off the Green House which was the big seller for me.

For now they are trying things out to see how things go. They are paying about a third of the rent. Samantha plans on taking 6 months off once she has the baby, and then returning to work while going for her RN. They seem to have a plan and I wish them all the luck in the world to make their dreams come true. Oh by the way Samantha is officially a CNA.

We have been keeping ourselves busy with the normal, physical therapy, and Dr. appointments for Dennis, swimming and hanging out with friends for the girls. We have had many friends over this summer. Shopping, cleaning, and spending time with the kids has taken up most of the rest of the time. With all of this we have kept our date nights going, which is a God send. It gives us time for just ourselves while strengthening our marriage. More about that later.

Anyways there is so much to catch up everyone I and so little time for me to get it all down. I must get going so I can get dinner prepared for the family, but rest assured I shall return...sooner or later.

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