Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh what a day.

First thing this morning I took Dennise for her check up, which went well, although he did send us for blood work up just in case, then we stopped and did a quick run through of walmart, I found two new shirts for myself, an outfit for Dorothy, some jewlery and shirt for Dennise, then stopped to get gas.

We stopped to get a burger and when we were about to leave I got a call from Samantha, she was crying, I asked her where she was, she told me, and I told her we were nearby so she met us in the Burger King parking lot. Remember me saying she had her own apartment, then moved out to live with her boyfriend's family? Well she is home again. thousands of dollars shorter on money because she helped his parent pay for security, first, and last months rent to be able to get in there.

I feel really bad for her as she has to start all over again, but thankful we have the room for her to return home again. On top of that a broken heart. Please pray for her as well, because the other day she had a bit of bleeding and discharge, they did check on the baby and the heart beat was fine and she sees the Dr. again this week to check on the baby again.

She didn't have stress when she was pregnant for Lilly and so far between moving, working, and relationship problems she has had nothing but, don't get me wrong he is a nice guy but I think going from his mother doing everything for him to being in a relationship with a girl with a small child already and then jumping into having one of their own was just too much for him, then after moving back in with his mother he went back to her doing things for him again. Samantha is just a bit more mature and wants to do it herself, if she wanted a mother's help she would have stayed home living here.

I just hope she stays home long enough this time to get fully back on her feet. She had planned to take 6 months off when she had the baby in February, and then return to work, while going for her RN, but now she isn't sure if she will be able to take that much time off or not. Time will tell how things go, but all I want for my children is for them to be Happy, and happy she isn't.

We took Lilly when we left Burger King, so she could go to work. I have been sending her messages all night to help her through. Since Lilly has been born she has had a schedule and ever since Samantha had someone closer to where she was living watching Lilly she went from going to sleep on her own, potty training, and eating on her own which she has been doing since before she was a year old, to having someone have to feed her, not going potty, and staying up to all hours of the night.

Since I still had to do my job today we stopped home to get my paperwork, then Dennise and Lilly went with me. I was able to get both jobs done pretty quickly then we stopped at Kmart and picked up a dress for Dorothy for school, and a pair of hot pink shoes for Deanna.

At home we had steak, squash, salad, and baked potato for dinner. A call came in for me and thankfully I took it because they pulled my name from the same place I got my other two jobs and I have yet another job to do which I can do anytime it fits into my schedule, which is sweet if I can keep my jobs coming this way. Dennis also told me I got a call earlier about another job, which I will call back tomorrow, as by the time we got home, had dinner, and settled it was too late to call back. So my fingers are crossed I can pick up this job as well.

As I said before God is good, and even though things don't always go the way we think they should, he always knows what is best. Thankful for my family and the love of Christ in my life.

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