Friday, August 23, 2013

Update on Dennis

Dennis had a Dr.'s appointment a few weeks back to find out the results of the MRI he had. We found out that his knee has lots of arthritis in it, along with the news that he will need a total knee replacement down the road. As for how his leg is doing from the surgery after his accident at work, more bad news.

The Dr. wants to see him back in 8 weeks, he ordered him a e-stem machine for use at home, and pretty much said that he could continue with physical therapy if he would like but he doesn't see the need for it anymore. He did however want Dennis to get in a pool and see if he can strengthen his leg by doing workouts in the water.

The MRI showed that his leg healed real nice in one area, while another area pretty much shows no progress. Dennis still has no control over the lower part of his leg and can only feel things with his feet while walking and upper leg while the shin and calf area feel to him like they are not there. The Dr. doesn't have an answer for it but looked very concerned that is why we are going back in 8 weeks.

Not sure what the Dr.'s will do next, but personally I am thinking nerve damage, either in his back from when he fell or in his lower leg somewhere. He does walk with a cane but is in a lot of pain while doing so. We have a handicap placard now so we can park near the storee, but he uses one of those electric carts where available to make shopping easier.

He has been a bit upset about the results and missed a few physical therapy appointments. Besides the Dr. didn't look to happy when Dennis told him the things the therapist was doing with him. Some of the things that could be the problem with his progress could either be it just isn't healing or that he is overworking it. Let's just say after therapy he comes home and is in pain and takes a nap, but he always does what the therapist says including the exercises at home. So I guess as far as his leg goes I will update as soon as we know more.

Most of you know while Dennis has been on Workman's comp, his company laid off some of the people, Dennis included, his company is paying for them to return to college, which is a sweet deal if you ask me, and will help out a lot since this might be it for his leg getting any better. He had a meeting this week, and is still moving ahead with getting things going.

Even though we have been discouraged a bit by the news, we know that God has a plan and will follow where he takes us. We don't always go quietly but he is persistent and waits for us. He is so awesome. With that being said please keep our family in your prayers.

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