Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Prayers for my cousin Mary and her husband Maurice

I realized after my last post I didn't tell you about my visit with my cousin Mary and her husband Maurice when they came to visit from Canada. I am just glad they were able to make another trip down this close to their last trip since I missed out that time. We talked for hours and had a good time, she was even able to meet one of my brothers for the first time.

I would like to ask for prayers for Mary as she is having a bit of a bleeding problem which she was telling me about while she was visiting. Her Dr. had said it was normal and then after she was home for a few days she ended up in the hospital and they confirmed that it was not normal they did some tests, and are going in to take a biopsy, then depending on what they can get out or find they may have to go back in for more surgery. Also a prayer for her husband as he also has surgery planned this month, which means a lot on both of their plates since our family is here in the US, and Maurice just lost his mother a few months back.

From left to right you have Maurice, Mary, me, Dennis and Deanna in the front. Dorothy was busy playing with the neighbors and Dennise took the picture for us. This also happened to be my mother's birthday which was August 25th, so having family near made it that much more special.

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