Friday, September 18, 2015

Update on the frontlines

Life has been a bit busy. Between school, Dr.'s appointments, other appointments, college, and regular household stuff we have had more than our fill of full days. I wanted to update that neither of our daughters were able to play soccer this year.

Dorothy couldn't because our bank account is still messed up from a charge that was not ours so we were not able to pay for her to play and once we did get money it was too late. None of my kids have ever missed a year playing soccer until they chose to give it up. It was really hard after we had already went through our soccer gear and found everything that fit both of them and had their soccer bags ready to go.

Some of you may know that Deanna was attending British Soccer Camp which she really enjoyed. The counselor said she is a born leader and would make a great team captain. Alas she wasn't even allowed to try out because her physical was not until after the tryouts. They just would not budge on it. Again totally sucks. Most schools in other states do not have to have sports physicals until High School but not Good old New York they mess just about everything they can up when it comes to children.

OK my rant is done on the soccer thing.  We did turn this around and make our regular soccer game days family day where we play games together. The girls seem optimistic about this and we really need to reinitiate regular game play after long summer days of swimming, hiking, and staying up to all hours of the night.

As for my husband he is back on another antibiotic his ear pain started up right after his second appointment with the Dr. His hearing has improved in his right ear and has a little tiny bit of hearing coming back in his left ear, so I hope this round of antibiotics does the trick.

I will get to more of what is happening in my daughter Dennise's life hopefully tomorrow night I need a picture or two with hers.

As for me I have an appointment coming up with the Disability Dr. which will make the thumbs up or down on my disability case. The third party person said there was not job I could keep, so that when towards me it was just that I didn't put all of my illnesses down on the paper just the one that made me so I couldn't do even normal everyday things with out a great deal of help, or days of working at it to get it done. Things that took minutes to do now take me all day to do, if I get them done at all.

I didn't even go to open house at the school because I didn't know if they would have the elevators working to get up to see my daughter's teacher and didn't even want to think about trying to walk from class to class for my older daughter. I am going to call the school and see if they can set up an appointment after school for me to meet the teacher all in one location.

I guess that is about it for now. We are living, happy, and have each other. It is one of the things that gets me through each day.