Monday, September 7, 2015

Did you say something?

That is what we have been hearing the last few days. My husband had a problem with impacted ears and finally he broke down and said to set him up an appointment. He hates going to the Dr. for his ears, anything else I can usually get him to go in for a bit quicker but with his ears I have to wait for him to tell me to take him in.

Of course he waits till Friday afternoon to ask before the Holiday Weekend so I called the office, our Dr. is still on vacation and the other lady can't fit him in before the end of the day so they tell us to go to the Hospital.

We were in an out pretty quickly although we didn't expect for them to tell us he had a double ear infection, and no ear wax at all in his ear at the time. We left picked up his antibiotic and went on home. My husband didn't sleep more then a half hour, and finally Sunday morning, crying in agony, we take him back to the hospital.

This time it is not quick, they had beds in the halls, you had to walk between things like a maze it was crazy. The Dr takes a look at his ear and informs us that now the infection is in his ear canal and the lump on the side of his face may or may not be a abscess. The hit my husband with a shot of main medication which does nothing and they are like really? He tells them the pain is worse, they then order new medication which are taken by mouth. Take his blood twice. The came to put medication in his ears, were supposed to be back but what happened next took much longer then expected.

Across from where my husband was they have the trauma unit and the Dr.'s all rushed over doing chest compressions for over an hour and half. I am not sure what was happened, all that I know is that we prayed right there and then for this person. We were in their for ear pain and this person was fighting for their life.

Once things settled down they came back over put a wick in my husband's ear canal, gave us a new prescription for a antibiotic, pain medication, and ear drops, and to see the Dr. and Ears Nose and Throat specialist when they open back up Tuesday.

When we left there my husband's ear was feeling a little bit better as in he couldn't fee much pain, picked up the medication that was ordered and came home. About a half hour after we were home the pain started again, and that is when we realize they gave him the same pain medication he had been taking before we returned to the hospital instead of the one that worked in the hospital.

So my husband has been popping the pain medication every hour instead of every 4 hours just to keep the pain bearable, on top of that he now has a severe sharp pain that runs through his head, on top of not being able to hear anyone.

He has been yelling really loud, he has the TV loud and can not hear it so now that he knows it was too loud for us he has closed captioning on when it is available. The pain has also started up in the ear that wasn't as bad as the other.

This morning I guess hew as sitting outside and someone from our neighbors yard came over. He could see their lips moving but couldn't hear a thing they said. He isn't sure if he talked normal or yelled at them. It couldn't have been important or they would have told one of the kids what they wanted.

I welcome your prayers that his hearing problem is not permanent. I will be on the phone first thing tomorrow after the kids get on the bus for their first day of school to see how soon they can take a look at his ears.

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  1. Oh my goodness that is terrible. I hope he had a speedy recovery!