Monday, March 22, 2010

unseen events

I am sure my readers were in suspense. I do aplologise for the delay. We had quit the busy week last week as well. I left off on St. Patricks day. Well all hell broke loose when I finnished my blog. What should have been a quite night home with the kids turned upside down. Some of my closer friends know that Bryan was missing again. This time we really had no idea what happened. He said he was going to our neighbors house and he has gained the trust again to go there and back as it is the house right next to ours so who were we to think different? Well dinner time was getting close so I started calling the kids in for dinner. Mind you it was a beautiful spring day and you could hear all the kids in the neighborhood playing outside happily. Dennise and Deanna came semi quickly, but no Bryan. After calling him a few more times the neighbor who he was suppose to be with tells us he was there for less then 10 minutes when he said he was going to play with another neighborhood child that he is not allowed to play with because of that kids trouble making. So me and Dennis are going in and out calling him and Dennise decides her and Deanna will go get him. Well time goes by, we are still calling the kids, we sit down and have dinner with the kids that are here. This all started around 4:30 or so and the time comes to 8:00 and the three kids are not home. Well Dennis sees Dennise and calls to her she says I've been telling Bryan it is time to come home and he isn't listening. Dennis says well get home and get ready for bed. While he is out there they come in here and I ask what is up and she tells me and I tell her why didn't you come and get someone? She says she thought he would come right away because St. Patricks day dinner is one of his favorites. So much in fact that it is all he has been talking about for weeks. So while Dennis is still out side he sees Bryan riding a bike (he had his bike taken away) so he wasn't sure who it belonged to so Dennis said to Bryan it is time to come into dinner NOW.

Now this is where the story turns from a child not listening and just having fun to a whole lot of mess for everyone. I guess he went back to return the bike while telling the child he was playing with he had to go home to eat. This was at 8:00pm. Well here we are still going out every 10-15 minutes yelling for Bryan to come in and then I start to worry. One this is Bryan's favorite dinner, two he always comes in when Dennis calls, and three I think I see the child who he was playing with playing by himself now. By this time just before 9:00pm I had already started making calls to those around us to keep an eye out for him. So Dennis and I leave directions for the older kids and we start out in the van scanning for him. Well he was no where to be found so we went by our house to see if he was there yet and of course he wasn't so we headed back out because we had seen a sheriff's car pulled over in one our near by churches and thought we would start the search for Bryan. It was now a little after 9:00pm and I am worried and it isn't getting any better. So we start the paperwork, the officer decides to look around town a bit in case he was spooked by her car, but no Bryan. She ended up back in our yard both of us with no sighting of him, another state trooper pulls up and we give him some information. We have already printed out pictures and they are being handed out when one of the neighbors I had talked to early called back and said Bryan was hiding in one of their sheds/playhouses, scared to death. We tell him we will be right there and the police officer asks do you want me to stay nearby? I tell her yes in case he runs. Well a few minutes later as Dennis and Buke are going to pick him up I get a call at home that he ran. So the police officer takes off and the hunt is on. I am going to cut off the story a bit by cutting out all the calls, frantic attempts, and shear being scared out of my mind now wondering just what could have happened to scare him so bad. Well about 1:00am Buke catches him while being sourrounded by all kinds of police inforcement. They take him to a nearby neighbors where we try to talk Bryan into coming home and he is scared something fierce. If he hadn't come home they were going to put him in the mental ward. I am so glad he came home. Well as his story goes when he returned the bike he was on his way home. Now you can see the other kids house from ours, another 17 year old kid who lives in our town and gives most people the creeps here who had talked Bryan into to doing something bad a while back,threatens Bryan. He had threatened Bryan because Bryan had told on him. Well once Bryan was home and we assured him between our dog, Dennis and Buke that kid was getting no where near him. Bryan also slept in our room as he does most nights so he felt safer. We as Bryan and I went to bed around 2:30am while Dennis stayed up a while to make sure things were all well.

Thursday I talk to Bryan's probabtion officer and she asks why he was let out alone? Well she isn't here to know Bryan gained our trust back to be able to go to the neighbors house. He is a correctional officer how much safer can you get? Oh well no changing her mind to the fact that Bryan had been threatened and so bad he was afraid to come home and knew the yard he was hiding in that kid could not enter, so he thought he was safe there. On to the afternoon where we meet his thearpist and they all seem to think Bryan needs to be put away for a while. I am not comfortable with that although I would like to know the options we have in case it does come to that someday. The poor kid has been through so much, but he just is not learning fast enough to make the good choices over the bad and it is getting him further and further into deep shit. I so wish we had known what was going on in his life so much earlier. I believe we would have been able to pass most of what we are going through now if he had only opened up sooner on what was going on. Well it is a late dinner tonight and the kids are waiting. I promise to finnish this story a bit later. Keep your kids close, but not to close where you smother them.

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  1. Sounds like you've been going through alot. I hope things get better and your family thrives!