Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our month so far

Let’s see this month is not only busy but boy is it a hard month for me. The 5th marks my Father's, Aunts, and Sister-in-laws birthdays. My father has been gone since September 2001, and my Aunt a few years later. The ninth is the day my mother died 6 years ago. Hard to believe it has been that long. The 15th is my Parents Anniversary so we always try to go out to their favorite Chinese Eatery, which Dennis took me to on Monday. I recently lost a Aunt on March 12th, her services are Saturday, and found out a uncle died on March 16th of last year and wonder why I wasn't contacted. Imagine how I felt when I wished my cousin a Happy Birthday and asked how his father was doing to find out he died. Like I said sometimes it is like everyone forgets me and then sometimes I know everything or so it seems. Oh well can't win either way. This month is pretty depressing for me to say the least. We are done with court for Bryan again for a while. Other then his law guardian pissing him off all went well. Of course child support starting rolling in again for the time being so we are getting some things for Bryan above and beyond what we get him normally of course Bryan still has nothing nice to say about that side. At least my sister stays in touch through the computer and his Bio paternal Grandmother also stays in touch, but has backed off a bit due to Bryan's request. He just needs some time to sort through things. I told them all to stay in touch because he needs to know they still care about him.
Dennis surprised me last night because he wanted to go to Kingston to see if they had any shirts for him for work next week. Now we don't take the van anywhere we don't need to go so this was a shock to me. While out he ended up with 2 pairs of pants, no shirts, a outfit for Dorothy for school next year, hat and gloves for Dorothy for next year, some Birthday presents for the kids, and a trip to Texas Roadhouse to seal the deal. Twice eating out in one week I can't ask for anymore. We also scouted out some big Birthday Present's that the kids have on their lists as well to get the best price. Boy I am getting really excited about getting our taxes and a newer van. Once we have the van then we can decide on what comes next that we need. We know a washer, and we priced some car seats for the new van in case it doesn't have built in ones like we have in our van now. I think we decided on one just waiting on that money. Dennis has been laid off for the week and usually it is me that wants to get out of the house but this week it has all been him LOL.
Today is of course ST. Patrick’s day so we are having the traditional cabbage and potatoes, but we also have carrots, Kabasi and usually Irish Soda bread. I forgot to get it so we took a trip to town and had to settle for Italian bread as they didn't have the Irish soda bread but I will pick some up tomorrow while we are out and some more cabbage since it is on sale. I have to say I have always loved the cabbage and it is so good for you. So as I sit here blogging away I keep checking on dinner and chatting with Dennis, while the kids are enjoying the spring weather that just might stick around for a while. So as long as things go well the rest of the month should fly by fast so until next time keep in touch with your families and love them for life goes by way to quickly.

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