Friday, March 12, 2010

Death brings family together.

I know it is horrible, but I am sure I am not the only one that it happens to. After my parents both died I kind of fell out of the loop. Not that I am not interested in what is going on in my families life, it is just MY families life took over my time and days, weeks, months, then years go by and then comes death and it puts everything else on hold and everyone gets together for a breif moment in time to comfort each other during this time of rememberance. All the while everyone says if you need anything call me, we really should stay in touch, so sad we had to meet this way, we should get together more often etc. etc. Hey I am even privy to all this. I do apologise but I know it will happen again and again throughout history. Take my best friend Christine. I made a promise to stay in touch more often this year and here it is March and I finally took the time to give her a call and catch up with her. Oh we have plans to get together next week but with the funeral arrangements for my Aunt Anna who just died tonight we will see how far I get in actually getting to it. As for my best friend who aleady passed two years ago now. You couldn't seperate us when we were young and then she moved away for a while. Life went on and I thought of her often. Years went by and we were reunited to have people get in our way of enjoying each other yet again. So sad but so true. Then finally when we get the chance to be together once again life throws us a curve ball and takes her away from me three days after we make plans on getting together to spend some time together just her and I. So you see never take life for granted you never know what tomorrow brings. Love your family and never let anything keep you apart too long that you don't know what is happening. I found out today that my ex sister in law died a while ago. She had contacted me on facebook and my life got busy. Oh I wished her a Happy Birthday but if I had taken a moment to look at her site I would have seen that she had already passed. Worse is I was just thinking when life slows down here a bit I will give her a call and see what she wanted to talk about. Again too late. The last time I talked to my Aunt Anna was at the hemotologist. She went there for the opposite problem I have. We had a really good talk. It was however a little over two years ago while I was pregnant with my daughter Dorothy. Since then I haven't seen or heard from her or about her till tonight. Funny just the other day I was talking to my cousin Fred's girlfriend ( he is having his own battle as I write this blog) , about family. When I was done chatting I was telling the kids there are only a few of Grandma's siblings left and I named them all. Then not even two days later we hear one died. Seems she was closer in my heart then I realized for the conversation to arise right before there was yet another death. Time is ticking for everyone and even though the many examples of wording above may happen at the funeral. I am hoping that I will take the time to stay in touch a bit more. Here is to yet again a new blog beginning. Lets see what life throws us next.

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