Monday, March 15, 2010

Basketball Season ends

I have to brag a little about my baby girl Deanna. She tried her first time at playing basketball for our youth league this year. We wanted her to try everything and then make up her mind what she liked best. I have to tell you she did one year of T-ball for the baseball league and I wans't impressed but she wanted to play T-ball softball last year and we gave it a go and she enjoyed it a little more but we had to encourage her the whole way. She doesn't want to play this year so far but we still have a little time to make up our minds. Soccer was a given. She has been wanting to play ever since she could walk maybe before. She was only a couple of months old when Bend it like Beckham came out and I think that is really where she got her first love of it. So here we are at the first basketball practice and she didn't even want to touch the ball. It was like it was the first time she ever saw a basketball and it might bite her LOL. We make it through the first practice into the first game and don't you know she gets a ball right in the face. She came over to me I checked her out , she got a drink and she went right back out to be with her team. Sure the next game she kept her hands by her face all the time but she still played. So the next few practices and games she did alright then she got sick one week and one week Dennis had to work so we were unable to go. She tells us she doesn't want to play anymore during this time. That she likes practice but not game days. We asked her why and she said she can't play like the rest of them. Well we point out that most of the kids have already played a year and that some kids like her still needed lots of practice dribbling the ball just like her. A side note here she started the year not being able to dribble because she never did it before. So we tell her you have one more game and that she has to finnish this season out, and if she chooses she does not have to play again except for gym class. She seems fine with that and then the invitation comes for her basketball team to have a pizza party and this is where things start to change for her. Talk of the last game and her trophy just lit her up I guess. So here we are at the last game and she is dribbling and passing the ball and has come so far I am so proud of her. So the game ends and they do their last good game and off to the Wrap up Party we go. You usually have a coach that either just gets through the trophy's as fast as they can or someone who talks about every child. Well our coaches were all giving each other thanks and praises because it took three to keep the team going as with everyone life keeps you busy and sometimes you just need the extra help to get through. So our coach is handing out the Trophey's and Deanna is I believe second to last because when he got to her I stopped paying attention to anything else. As she is walking back to me I hear him start out don't quote me because I am just giving the quick version so the words are not exact but he started out with I know I should not say something about any one player over any other but my other coaches can attest that Deanna Marks started off the year not wanting to even touch the ball and now she can dribble down the whole court, we are so proud of her and hope she will come back next year and be on our team. Well not only was I totally thrown off but that one little thing made it so Deanna wants to play next year. We had been telling her all along that she was doing great and that hard work pays off and this proved it to her. I thank the coaches for all of their support and I am so VERY proud of my little girl.

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