Tuesday, January 25, 2011

She Speaks Select Harvest kit #3 and my winners.

I was asked by SheSpeaks.com to try out Campbell's Select Harvest Soups. We picked out 4 different varieties. We tried Caramelized French Onion which tasted like a French Onion soup minus the bread and melted cheese, The Chicken with Egg Noddles which my daughter loved, the Minestone which was quite good, but lacked a bit of flavor, then there was the Light Maryland-Style Crab which no one liked, it was too fishy. Our cats and dog would not even eat it. I also had to explain in a video how I maintain a balanced lifestyle. To this I wrote:

I maintain a balanced lifestyle by mixing work with pleasure, I work very hard to provide a loving home for my family, making sure most of their meals are healthy and full of flavor. I also know as a mother that is you don't take time for yourself you can't take care of your family. During ME time I use warm baths, reading, and meditating which often includes prayer to round out my day. We also take time as a family to have a little fun from time to time. We enjoy watching movies together, laughing, and spending time together, be it just a day out shopping, or visiting friends or family. I hope everyone in your family enjoys trying Campbell's Select Harvest soups as much as our family did.

I decided with my two left over coupons I would send them to two of the sweetest friends I have here on Gather who have helped me out in so many ways. I do wish to give more to others as I do more kits, and trials for companies but this is my first so if you would like to see the winners please follow me over to One Mothers Account of daily life.

Now that you are here my winners are going to each recieve a coupon to try Campbell's Healthy Harvest Soups for free, and I will also throw in a potluck of other coupons from my stash that they might like to redeem. Drum roll please.

Congratulations to

Marsha S.
for being winners. Thank you for all of the help you girls have given me and good luck to all of my other friends on blogspot and gather, you might be my next winner.


  1. I'm a little late to see this, but I'm very appreciative that you chose me to receive one. I let Jasmine pick and she had the whole can for lunch today!